ABC asks left-wing conspiracy theorists to describe protesters

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5 Responses to ABC asks left-wing conspiracy theorists to describe protesters

  1. Chris M says:

    the Australian national flag and the red ensign flag, flown at sea by Australian merchant ships

    Haha what an expert.

  2. Chris M says:

    And what would the Bunning umbrella in the 2nd photo symbolise Dr Ben Dover?

  3. Shy Ted says:

    Because all those years in wackydemia makes you know how ordinary people think

    (Monash gave Waleed Aly a PhD. In global terrorism. Without mentioning a certain religion. Quite an achievement)

  4. jupes says:

    I think we are now at the stage where the term ‘expert’ is interchangeable with ‘fuckwit’.

    Actually ‘fuckwits’ works a lot better for this article.

  5. Rex Anger says:

    “As much as you saw a few pictures of McGowan with a Hitler moustache, he’s still an incredibly popular leader,” he said.

    For the media (and ABC) and panicked bugman classes, certainly.

    Amongst we lesser denizens of Sandgroperstan, not so much…

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