She did but see you, passing by…

… and yet she loves your freedom, till it dies. Madam Palaszczuk feels your pain – from her limo:

The Premier wanted to send a message to journalists and people watching at home.

“Respectfully we want Queenslanders to have a safe Christmas and New Year, we need people to check-in, wear masks, and be cautious where you’re going,” she said.

“It’s a small thing to do but we need people to be wearing masks until the population can get the booster.”

She said she had driven past the South Bank testing centre over the past few days and described the queues as “moderate”.

As elsewhere, in Queensland there is fun to be had watching three things: 1) a Premier attempting to reconcile the obsession with ‘cases’ she and the media cultivated with a feeble bug that – unless scorned in the public’s case-primed estimation – risks cutting a poll lead forged in phony crisis; 2) vaccine triumphalism forced to co-exist in rhetoric with booster crucialty; 3) segregationists eating Jim Crow. Bon appétit.

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8 Responses to She did but see you, passing by…

  1. jupes says:

    Amazing that anyone can lie and attack liberty so blatantly yet not pay for it. In a rational world, Madam Palaszczuk’s credibility and electability would be in utterly destroyed. In a just world, she would be in jail.

    Imagine if we had oppositions and journalists in Australia.

  2. Rita Duncan says:

    My mother had a fall at her nursing home today, but I am not allowed to go in and see her. I am her only daughter. No one else can go.
    Stupid thing is the residents can go outside of their own free will, and go shopping at the major local shopping centre, or another other activity they choose. But I can only see her at “End Of Life”.
    More than upset with Palaszczuk.

  3. C.L. says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that, Rita.
    That is utterly disgraceful. In your shoes, I would be enraged.

    How is your Mum?

  4. Tel says:

    The word “prevaricating” literally means an uncomfortable straddling posture caused by your left foot attempting to walk on one side of a divide, while your right foot walks the other side. Needless to say, it is intended as a figurative reference to doublespeak, or conveying mutually contradictory ideas.

    See also, “Talking out both sides of the mouth” … a closely related metaphor.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    she and the media cultivated with a feeble bug

    Feeble bugs? Ah, that explains this story…

    Huntsman spider crawls on Queensland health minister during Covid press conference (22 Dec)

    Where there are bugs there are hungry huntspersons. Maybe the spider thought Ms D’Ath was an insect.

  6. Rita Duncan says:

    Dear CL,
    Mum has told me she is alright. She would say that because she doesn’t like me to worry.
    Mum lived with us until she was 92, and during that time we taught her to be computer literate. It has been a saving grace , because it keeps the world open to her.
    She has a mind of her own, and has refused the vaccine. The only resident in the nursing home to do so. All the others have received their 3rd dose. She has not succumbed to the virus. Nor has she had any illness due to “shedding” from vaccinated people.
    I might add to anyone who says she is safe from the virus because everyone else was vaccinated….that was not the case up until a week ago. Anyone could visit. Not even the flu vaccination required.

  7. C.L. says:

    Yes, they can fib about how they really are. I have some experience of that.
    When can you see her?

    I hope she’s OK and I’m glad she can keep in touch online.

  8. RacerX says:

    “we need people to be wearing masks until the population can get the booster.”

    So they’re not even pretending two jabs work now. Not to worry one more shot will do the job … rinse and repeat.

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