In the virus fear factory, “females have been the driving force”

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5 Responses to In the virus fear factory, “females have been the driving force”

  1. Lee says:

    Even my otherwise sensible middle sister has fallen for the Covid fear porn.

    The MSM is an utter disgrace which has long abandoned any objectivity or responsibility, and any cynicism of governments and bureaucracy.

  2. Davey Boy says:

    In the extended family of my wife (who is a woman), males and females alike, the patriarch of whom lived during and fled (under gunfire) the takeover of his birth country by a Communist regime, none has any fear of a Covid, and all called BS on the Oz govt response to it on day 1. The whiff was immediately recognisable to them.
    Western females are relatively easy to terrify, it appears, and many blokes aren’t too far behind them.

  3. Wyndham Dix says:

    Heather MacDonald:-

    “Yet the public health establishment and the media are working overtime to gin up Omicron hysteria. The official response to the Omicron variant provides a case study in the deliberate manufacture of fear.”

    “It is not a coincidence that these sources are all female, since females have been the driving force behind safetyism’s conquest of American public policy and of the American mind. Their dominance in corporate HR departments helps explain the constant deferral of back-to-work plans and the restrictions that dominate what little remains of office life.”

    “Needless to say, dissenters from Omicron fear in the rest of the country are beneath notice.”

    “The usual female sources detailed their terror at the possibility that their runny nose may be Covid.”

    Risk aversion on stilts. Q.E.D. in Australia also.

    Had Gen. Dwight Eisenhower left the decision to meteorologists the Normandy landings may never have taken place, certainly not on June 6, 1944. Europe would not have been liberated less than 12 months later.

  4. Roger W says:

    …my wife (who is a woman)…
    Love it!

  5. a reader says:

    A lady who I am friends with is in her 40s. I think she messages me about COVID to assuage her fears. She sent me a message this morning in shock at the number of cases. I just replied with nobody is dying, I’m not worried. Her response was maybe surprise but she seemed less freaked out. I haven’t yet made the point about it being a spicy cold…

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