Because there is too much nation in the life of the Church

Mark Steyn notes “there has been a great absence of the Church in the life of the nation.” (Video).
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3 Responses to Because there is too much nation in the life of the Church

  1. calli says:

    Mix Christianity and politics and all you get is politics.

  2. Ivan Denisovich says:

    The Church is under severe attack from both within and without but, as Dr Peter Kwasniewski points out – that’s the secret of persecution: it makes the Church stronger

    An argument also made by Rodney Stark, well supported by evidence, in his superb book The Triumph of Christianity. Soldiers are needed but Christ has made his promise.

  3. Chris M says:

    Steyn is correct.

    The Beast had the element of surprise last year and initially the great majority were worried about this virus so the restrictions didn’t seem unreasonable to most including Church people who are conditioned to be caring and doing the right thing.

    But as Steyn says this automatically relegated Government regard of the church to be on-par with entertainment facility and below the bottle shops for example. We are too nice for our own good. No institution is more essential than the church.

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