Those Maleficent Men In Their Lying Machines

IS Omicron the Christmas miracle a denialist establishment and its media are defiantly refusing to acknowledge? Back in the days of Delta, I pointed out that pandemic apparatchiks were so swiftly running out of unvaccinated people to blame for ‘case numbers’ that their Nazi-like demonisations, by definition, had a limited lifespan. I underestimated their intellectual degeneracy. The advent of a new, innocuous strain of the China Virus – and the sudden, opportunistic mania for ‘boosters’ – allowed them to walk away from the failure of waning ‘vaccines’ and carry on as though Omicron’s insipidity wasn’t consequential. Boris Johnson even recommended that Britons give vaccinations and boosters as Christmas gifts to the owners of the Susceptible Isle’s epidemiologically irrelevant minority of un-punctured arms. Queensland CHO John Gerrard admits what clownish Boris will not: that the best policy at this point is a reboot of the Kent Brockman Protocol. Gerrard, for one, welcomes Omicron but only because it is not our new overlord.

“Vaxxer harassment – including the phrenology-level quackery of mandates – serves three purposes…”

As a matter of record, nobody in Johnson’s inner circle takes any of this seriously. Indeed, there is now a less serious avuncularity to the vaxxer putsch in general because the ‘experts’ know that we know the syringed get it and spread it. They’re still trying to associate vaccination with the current fall-off in hospitalisations but that headless beagle won’t hunt either. Omicron is dominant and it isn’t hospitalising anyone. As for boosters, on Thursday Dr Fauci sternly warned Americans not to rely on them in any setting where more than 39 people are present. His bizarre comments didn’t get a run anywhere in the Australian media. Vaxxer harassment – including the phrenology-level quackery of mandates – serves three purposes: maintaining a goodies and baddies dichotomy that ensures there will always be someone to blame; a way to claim ownership for a natural decline of viral lethality; and, finally, the entrenchment of a medico-security/social credit infrastructure that governments see as too good to check.

Every now and then a para-glider or pilot takes a photograph of an encounter with one of the sky’s only true owners. It’s easy to imagine the birds being amused, impressed or possibly insulted. We evolved to think but only they evolved to fly. No, I’m not introducing an analogy wherein vaccines are akin to our inelegant flying machines. Humans have, after all, thought their way out of myriad threats that arose from nature. Just as often, though, we imagine ourselves to be superior to nature and damage our own cause in the process. Is that not the most basic premise of the climate panic? What if evolution gave us Omicron and it was a more efficacious flight to freedom than any human ‘measures.’ Would Branch Covidian balloonists ever admit it?

Alberta Health Services in Canada decides it needs those 1400 unvaccinated staff, after all.
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