Planet coolers confounded by the sniffles

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  1. Pommyal says:

    This just highlights one of our biggest problems. These bastards actually believe that they have to tell us what to do. About everything.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Rex Patrick managed to get the National Cabinet minutes.
    As predicted they contain no substantive information, none whatsoever. I’ve followed all the links but you can do so if you wish. In summary “we on the National Cabinet are awesome”.
    Wonder what the rules will be tomorrow?

  3. jupes says:

    This is actually the beginning of the end. The NSW government has lost control of infections. This is a good thing. Testing can’t keep up. Police monitoring can’t keep up. QR codes are pointless if every man and his dog has been infected with [the cold].

    Soon enough, despite the best efforts of the health Nazis, they will notice / admit that hardly anyone is dying. At that point, the best option is to claim victory in the war against Covid and hold a victory parade.

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