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The Truth Isn’t Pro Rata

TODAY in NSW, 88 per cent of alleged covid decedents were ‘fully’ and triply ‘vaccinated.’ Now the new normal, the inoculated death toll has caused embarrassment and consternation to state CHOs for weeks. Originally, there was a sense of didactic … Continue reading

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The price of fleedom is eternal indigence

Justin Trudeau and his family flee Canadian capital for a secret location amid security concerns. “The children will not leave unless I do. I shall not leave unless their father does, and the King will not leave the country in … Continue reading

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Only those who stand together will triumph over nazism

• United: Mandatory covid vaccinations for NHS and care workers in England to be scrapped. • Alone: Sanctuary Cove restaurant Artichoke closed after owner rejects vaccine mandate.

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Jubilant scenes at Tonya Harding Arena

Rafael Nadal crowned Australian Open men’s singles champion, making Grand Slam history.

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New strategy to win back a base disgusted by luvvie pandering

Scott Morrison to go on ABC media blitz. Diary has learnt that in the next two weeks, Morrison has decided to subject himself to interrogations from multiple flagship ABC shows. With a federal election looming, we hear the PM will … Continue reading

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“You know what’s mandatory? Following the advice of experts”

Andrews hints at mandating fourth and fifth vaccine, additional mandates “only a matter of time”.

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Scotty From Plummeting

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Possibly the most underwhelming election pledge in history

‘Clarification’: Anthony Albanese says Labor would provide ‘limited’ number of free RATs.

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Desperate journalist seeks refuge from religious extremists

Successfully: Rejected by New Zealand, pregnant TV reporter Charlotte Bellis turns to Taliban.

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A Pope Who Can’t Help Himself

THERE are two schools of thought on Pope Francis as a lightning rod of theological controversy: 1) he is a manipulative Peronist who enjoys upbraiding ‘rigid’ (meaning non-liberal) Catholics via the press; or 2) reporters cherry-pick and sensationalise anything allegedly … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s President tells war-with-Russia lunatics: “calm down”

Zelensky Says Ukraine Lost Almost $500 Million to Biden War Hype: ‘We Don’t Need This Panic’.

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First World Non-Existent Problem

It was reported today that Brad Hazzard regards low childhood ‘vaccination’ rates as “disturbing.” Subjected to U.S. sanctions under Taliban rule, Afghanistan faces a humanitarian disaster, with 1 million children in danger of dying from malnutrition — The Wall … Continue reading

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Government Planners: What would we do without them?

Children love muck and dirt: Now planners are helping a new generation to wild play.

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Boy Told

Jim CroMo: PM Scott Morrison says Kanye West must be fully-vaccinated to enter Australia.

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The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

Brilliant essay by Declan Mansfield at Quadrant: When Inflexibility Becomes a Guiding Principle.

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Laura Tingle has a fever and the only prescription is…

…more government. With Anthony Albanese as the father to whom we’re desperate to flock: The times, he said, demand “a government that steps up to its responsibilities and fulfils its most fundamental roles: to protect our people, to act as … Continue reading

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Fact Check: Polls show Mr McGowan is actually very popular

Go f–k yourself. No-one likes you. You deserve to die in a hole. The world’s going to be after you. F–k you for mandating the vaccine you p–fter looking c–t.” – Zayvier Rose pleaded guilty in Armadale Magistrates Court this … Continue reading

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Morrison to spend imaginary billion on imaginary problem

Scotty from scuba diving: Morrison promises extra $1 billion to save the Great Barrier Reef.

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