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Yawn. Daisy Duck doesn’t wear either

Hillaryland: Minnie Mouse to Shed Iconic Dress for a Pantsuit for Women’s History Month.

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Last Japs In The Jungle

Banzai! NSW booster numbers ‘not what they need to be’ with 100,000 jabs a week left unused. People that are double vaccinated who may think ‘that’s enough to get me through’, I urge you to get boosted so you protect … Continue reading

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His puppy torture programs shut down, Fauci turns to babies

A violent obsession: Fauci decrees kids under FOUR years old WILL get THREE vaccines.

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Hey, Canada: You can’t trust the vaccine. Get vaccinated!

Last night, I learned that I have been exposed to COVID-19. My rapid test result was negative. I am following @OttawaHealth rules and isolating for five days. I feel fine and will be working from home. Stay safe, everyone – … Continue reading

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He’s exactly the same age Reagan was when first inaugurated

Nonsense: Peter Dutton labels Vladimir Putin an ageing dictator who is becoming ‘more irrational’.

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A song more 1970s than the Leyland P76

IN 1974 she became the first Australian recording artist to sell more than one million singles in the US market. (A million and a half, actually). South Australian Sister of Mercy, Sr Janet Mead, made “The Lord’s Prayer” a rock … Continue reading

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Virus cultists panic as weak bug threatens social credit system

QR code check-ins ‘useless’ in Australia’s Omicron wave but experts urge for them to stay. However, [University of South Australia epidemiologist Adrian] Esterman maintains they should continue being used in the event a new more virulent variant arises in the … Continue reading

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Keep an eye out for a thousand tweets by Peter FitzSimons

The Muslim, female Folau: Giants AFLW player to withdraw from match over pride jumper.

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Like Russia, Australia doesn’t like being doorstep-trolled either

It’s OK when we resent it: Australia to fund PNG port upgrade amid strategic rivalry with China.

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My Australians of The Year

I won’t climb atop the pile-on about Grace Tame imitating Johnny Rotten at The Lodge except to say that I hope her fiancée takes away from the experience something beneficial to his future well-being. Like many others, Miss Tame had … Continue reading

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Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Australia Day events begin with calls for country to unite as ‘one mob’.

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Biden’s Biceps and Various Other Flabby Delusions

Alan Dupont: Flexing US muscle over Ukraine best way to deter alpha male Vladimir Putin. Russia’s brazen attempt to force Ukraine into submission by threatening its territory and freedoms must be resisted. If Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully imposes his … Continue reading

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On Australia’s Pseudo-Herodotus

An excellent book review by historian’s historian, Ross Fitzgerald: The Eclipse of Manning Clark.

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Needle And The Damage Done

Neil Young demands his music be removed from Spotify over “fake information about vaccines”.

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U-Haul to U-Kraine

Here is the link to obtain Ukranian citizenship. Thought I'd pass this along for the warhawks who feel so passionate about protecting Ukraine. By all means, please move there, become a citizen, sign up for their military and fight for … Continue reading

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Great Men Gonna Grate

LOVED or hated, nobody has ever doubted Paul Keating could take care of himself in any political brawl. That’s why even for a longstanding critic of his excesses – of language, historical claims and self-estimation – it’s surprising to feel … Continue reading

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Conditions of Entry

Tennis Australia defends banning ‘Where is Peng Shuai?’ T-shirts at Australian Open. “Under our ticket conditions of entry we don’t allow clothing, banners or signs that are commercial or political,” a Tennis Australia spokesperson told Guardian Australia. Rod Laver Arena … Continue reading

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China tells Chinese to disregard Scott Morrison

• PM tells Australians to disregard George Christensen. • Scott Morrison’s Chinese social media account blocked.

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