The Unteachables

PROHIBITION of customarily lawful pastimes, gatherings and substances has evil consequences in any society that imposes it. Corruption, bribery, special treatment for the privileged, the perversion of the justice system, horrific effects on the health of the poor. The infamous disaster that unfolded in the United States under its auspices between 1920 and 1933 needs no introduction. Or maybe it does in teetotal Western Australia where coppers are now literally climbing walls:

‘Serious’ charges expected after hidden party

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said officers had to climb walls to gain entry to the venue in Perth’s CBD, with doors and windows locked shut.

“I am very disappointed at what I’ve been briefed at,” he said.

“I have seen some vision that police took of what was taking place there.”

Body-worn camera footage released by WA Police showed officers unsuccessfully trying to gain access to the venue through the locked front doors, with black curtains covering the glass windows.

Commissioner Dawson said SafeWA QR code posters had been taken down and were found discarded behind the bar, with several hundred people in attendance.

“We will also be alleging patrons not wearing masks, dancing in licensed premises,” he said.

“The entire incident we consider a blatant disregard of liquor licensing requirements, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic. This is a state of emergency.”

I respect the speak-easy patrons but feel pity at most for the policemen who demeaned themselves to break in. The Commissioner acts like the safe-and-sound young revellers were akin to bikies but they’re more like sub rosa punters in John Wren’s fin de siècle tote. The state reneged on its sworn deal to leave them alone after using its dual monopoly of violence and blackmail to force ‘vaccines’ into their arms. Morally, there is no further obligation on Australians to comply with this Volstead-esque debacle. The emergency in this country is the insurrection against democracy and law being staged by government hooligans.

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    2022 has to be the year of the dox. Already shown to be effective around the nation. They have earned it. Well and truly.

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