Bring Back Bex

Waited in a standing line yesterday for two hours with multiple people who were holding their positive RATs and still had to queue. Got to the front of the queue and then was told I had to test positive on a RAT before I could get a PCR. Negative on the RAT for now but unable to find any RATs in store to use at home to monitor. It’s a complete mess!
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  1. Roger W says:

    But, don’t you know, you can’t catch covid from that line, it’s in the fine print of the agreement reached with the virus – like not catching it while sitting and talking to friends but catching it when walking alone in the open air etc etc.
    The real problem, though, was not the clauses and sub-clauses of the agreement, or the apparent constant updates, but finding a pen small enough for the virus to hold when signing off on all this.

  2. rosie says:

    Why are people so keen to be tested?.
    If you feel sick, stay home til you feel better, if not, stay calm and carry on.

  3. rosie says:

    Are there still financial incentives to getting tested, isolation payments then more if you test positive?

  4. rosie says:

    Of course Australian have been harangued for nearly two years that they must get tested, hard to break that conditioning.

  5. Entropy says:

    Mrs Entropy went to get tested today as she has had a sore-ish throat on and off and a runny nose. I reckoned it was hay fever, but it was playing on her mind. As she is a health worker she was able to jump the queue and only had about an hour to get processed from drop off at the hospital. There is a staff only priority queue at the hospital, and its testing centre is officially supposed to be closed today and they had people turning away general public arriving in cars. But let’s just say the triage is quite porous. General public still seemed to be coming in and it was quite educational according to Mrs Entropy. People had been clearly waiting since well before dawn. The clientele for this hospital in southern Brissy was quite interesting, noses hanging out over their masks; entire, large families; camping equipment; sweat and BO quite evident etc. The amount of hacking coughing going on certainly was a concern, and made Mrs Entropy realise she probably doesn’t have covid. And clearly the best place to catch it is at a testing line like this one. I recommend drive through. She should find out fairly quickly as aged care health workers get priority.

  6. Chris M says:

    I reckoned it was hay fever

    How did she respond to antihistamine (which being in the health industry would obviously have been tried prior to covid testing)?

    The test queue is not a place to be unless forced. I’m mystified by the masses lining up, is there some financial incentive to testing positive? As they won’t give you any early treatment seems just skipping that step and staying home would be vastly more convenient and relaxing.

  7. Entropy says:

    It seemed to make things a bit better. Anyway, Mrs Entropy seemed pretty healthy last night.

  8. Entropy says:

    I mean the Antihistimines seemed to make symptoms less. The point is there is so much fear and dismay being peddled that she just had to go to the testing facility, despite my misgivings.

  9. Chris M says:

    One of the early treatments for covid is diphenhydramine (type of antihistamine – sold in Australia as Benadryl) might have cured her haha. Good outcome anyways.

  10. Entropy says:

    Test just came back negative. Now, of course, Mrs Entropy is worried about being exposed in the queue, so she still won’t go to a family catch-up today with it must be said high risk elderly. Shrug.

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