Dom Pirouette: So much for the Australian DeSantis

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  1. a reader says:

    It’s still going back on his word but the changes are actually fairly miniscule. It isn’t an outright ban on singing for instance: it’s still allowed in performances and in churches.

    However, it shows who really wears the pants in the NSW Government. Today’s gazetted ammendment to the Public Health Order was ordered in the name of Dr Kerry Chant

  2. Riversutra says:

    as they say, he folded faster than Superman on laundry day.
    The politicians are learning you can’t put fear back in the bag as easily as you let it out.
    There is a reason you should be very careful about using fear as a weapon of control…it works too well. It then becomes too hard for the initiator to control and any attempt to put back in the bag is beyond a politicians control in todays world of social media.

  3. Shy Ted says:

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