Guess which one was preventing them from doing their job

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  1. Lee says:

    Much as I despise Morrison, his being at a hospital would not help one patient, or the staff for that matter, a whit.

    As someone replied at that Twitter feed: “it’s also Jane McGrath Day which raises millions for [the breast cancer] foundation. The PM attends the Pink Test every year irrespective of party lines.”

    No doubt, had the PM snubbed Jane McGrath Day at the cricket for any reason, let alone a publicity stunt and photo opportunity at a hospital, he would have been condemned for that too.

    He can’t win either way.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Why are the medical staff stretched to the limit? Because the unvaxxed ones have been let go? Because the hospital is full of vax injury patients? Because every time a staff member has a positive test they have to be sent home for two weeks?

    I’d be betting all of the above I think.

  3. Entropy says:

    Not only that, but close and casual contacts also get sent home.

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Right or wrong, justified or not, anyone who kicks ScuMo is fine with me.

  5. Riversutra says:

    I’m kinda with Shy Ted on this one.
    Anyway, the nurse shortage has been traced back to too many off rehearsing Tik Tok dance routines.

  6. Tel says:

    California Department of Public Health is pushing for healthcare workers who test positive to come right back to work in hospitals, don’t bother wasting time in isolation … because hey there’s a staffing shortage.

    But they are very strict on their mandates to never allow any unvaccinated healthcare workers in the door, when they do NOT test positive … because hey don’t you know we need to protect people?

    Somehow I think perhaps it’s not really about health. It’s become a religion. A weird and desperate religion, without the attractive artwork and music.

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