“There are no mere coincidences”

The true story of Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Pope Pius XII and Our Lady of Fatima.

Please give Papa [Hemingway] a message. It’s important and you mustn’t forget because I’ll not be talking to him again. Tell him … that time I wondered if I made the right decision, tell him it was the best thing I ever did.”

– The dying star of High Noon

Also starring Dolores Hart, the “next Grace Kelly” who left Hollywood for a Benedictine abbey.
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3 Responses to “There are no mere coincidences”

  1. Ivan Denisovich says:

    From the link:

    Hemingway’s friend George Herter was to say that the writer’s Catholicism “came mainly from the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.”

    Slightly OT:

    And the most powerful intercessor of all?

    “Of course, the Madonna is even more effective. Ah, when you invoke Mary!”

    “And, once I also asked Satan, ‘but why are you more scared when I invoke Our Lady than when I invoke Jesus Christ?’ He answered me, ‘Because I am more humiliated to be defeated by a human creature than being defeated by him.”


  2. dover_beach says:

    Lovely story, C.L. and anecdote, Ivan.

  3. rosie says:

    Oh yes from me too.
    I walked past a former monastery a couple of days ago, it was one of many confiscated by the Italian government in the 19th century, now a military station.
    There was still a statue of Our Lady high above and a message that she blessed all who past by.
    Now everytime I walk past one of her icons I know why she is there.

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