Gerrard: It’s vital that everyone takes vaccine that doesn’t work

Without evidence, Queensland’s CHO claims ‘vaccines’ were never meant to work in sick people.

More than half of Queensland’s 419 hospitalisations are happening in one South East Queensland region that also has the lowest vaccination rate in its area, with the chief health officer saying more than half of those on ventilators in local hospitals being unvaccinated…

Chief health officer John Gerrard said of the 11 people in intensive care on the Gold Coast, six are unvaccinated and are presenting “classic Covid pneumonia” symptoms, he said.

In other words, five ‘fully vaccinated’ people who were guaranteed that they were beyond infection in perpetuity are on ventilators. That was yesterday. Today, Gerrard hones the spin while ignoring the real reason the Gold Coast has experienced a spike in infections: an influx of ‘vaccinated’ super-spreaders.

Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard revealed that six of the patients were unvaccinated, while the other five already had complex health conditions

“Of the five others, they were double vaccinated but all had complex other medical issues that were mixed in with the cause for their intensive care admission.”

He’s also warning parents the ‘vaccines’ now being forced on children will make no difference:

The state’s top doctor has told parents not to get “too anxious” about their children catching Covid-19 in the classroom as an outbreak is “inevitable” when schools return in the first week of February.

After delaying the start of school to avoid the Omicron peak in Queensland, chief health officer Dr John Gerrard said it’s likely a substantial number of children will get the virus.

“I worry that we’re making parents overly anxious that it’s going to make them terribly ill,” Dr Gerrard said.

While the CHO acknowledged rare complications can occur when children test positive for Covid, he said most would experience mild symptoms.

Hilariously, the Courier Mail – sometimes known as the Palaszczuk Bugle – used the phrase “more than half” rather than ‘six out of eleven’ in the upper pars of reportage on this debacle. Meanwhile, in Western Australia, perpetually hyperventilating physical coward Mark McGowan is threatening those who still refuse to take the ‘vaccine’:

“If you for some reason had not had your first dose yet, my advice would be to make a booking today,” he said. “Otherwise life is about to get very difficult.”

Notice the pattern: the more the ‘vaccines’ fail, the more violent and enraged they become.

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10 Responses to Gerrard: It’s vital that everyone takes vaccine that doesn’t work

  1. Lee says:

    Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard revealed that six of the patients were unvaccinated, while the other five already had complex health conditions…

    It’s the spin of omission with regard to what he is not saying that is important here.

    Notice how he mentions that the five vaccinated also had “complex health conditions,” but completely avoids the issue of whether any of (or all) the six unvaccinated similarly have “complex health conditions.”

  2. Chris M says:

    They really need as many unjabbed to die as possible to build a narrative. This person Gerard is very dangerous. For sure they withheld treatments like Ivermection and MA to assist their demise. We will never know if they even went to hospital with covid or caught it there.

    If they were fake treating a bunch of manikins in a fake ward it would be less of a fraud.

  3. C.L. says:

    One of those “complex health conditions” was a head injury.
    He’s claiming vaccines don’t work if you have a head injury.

  4. twostix says:

    Notice the pattern: the more the ‘vaccines’ fail, the more violent and enraged they become.

    Failure is not an option for them after everything they’ve done. They’ll liquidate unvaccinated people before they admit making the population mentally ill and now state mandated drug addicts was ever a good or sensible idea.

    Perfect candidates for a Hitler bunker video.

  5. twostix says:

    The vaccine push by the establishment is well beyond “messaging” and “hesitancy” now.

    80,000 known cases a day, probably triple or quadruple that in reality, the month the entire country is finally ‘vaccinated’ – would in 2019 have been reported from the high heavens as a total and catastrophic collapse of the drug-everyone-at-any-cost policy and the drugs themselves. The entirety of the vaccine mania and lockdowns over the last 23 months was built upon the premise that these magical mRNA vaccines would stop the spread from healthy young people to at-deaths-door individuals. That’s why people had to get them or be run out of society. Getting natural immunity as we have done since Adam was declared banned because they told us (and are still telling us this very week) it was in no way comparable to these new wonder drugs – as promised by the manufacturers in late 2020.

    Clearly a lie.

    Now it’s just manic, a rush of power unleashed every time they open their psycho mouths about ‘getting vaccinated’. At this point it’s not a request, or a doctorly paternal order. It’s an order coming from powermongers. With a state, standing army of police ready to roll and an mentally unstable mob all looming over tiny individuals who refuse to yield to them.

  6. jupes says:

    He’s claiming vaccines don’t work if you have a head injury.

    Imagine if we had people who were paid to ask him questions and get him to justify his claims. We could call such people journalists.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    And of course the definition of “unvaccinated” doesn’t even nearly mean has had no jabs, it just means hasn’t had enough. Some are beginning to warm to bald Jeanette Young. He’s saying opposites in every comment. “Not serious. Get jabbed”. 79,000 official serious vax injuries, likely much more when the system catches up and health staff report all their thoughts it’s going to go much higher.

  8. Entropy says:

    Well I just reported the side effects of my Moderna booster.

  9. howardb says:

    It’s worse than that the vaccines don’t work. They actually have negative efficiency 60-90 days after administration of the 2nd dose.,,, ie, they increase infection.

    From the SCOTUS Amici Brief on the Real Facts of Omicron
    – advised by epidemiologists Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University and
    Andrew Bostom of Brown University

    “The Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark analyzed Danish data and found vaccine efficacy turned negative after 91 days following the second dose was administered. In other words, vaccinated Danes were even more likely than unvaccinated Danes to be infected with Omicron after 3
    months:20″. [p20]

    Same in UK & Ontario

    “In the United Kingdom, the UK Health Security Agency calculated preliminary vaccine effectiveness estimates remarkably like the Danish findings, with near-zero vaccine efficacy for both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines after 20 weeks following the second dose:” [p22]

    researchers from Public Health Ontario found:
    “observed negative VE against Omicron among those who had received 2 doses compared to unvaccinated individuals”

    …the Ontario researchers found that after day 60 following the second dose,
    vaccine effectiveness was negative, meaning a vaccinated person was more likely to be infected than an unvaccinated person: [p24]

  10. a reader says:

    It’s not even a vaccine. At best it’s a therapeutic.

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