Ocker Floggers

I don’t even like tennis. Before Novak Djokovic made the mistake of believing this country was the same law-abiding bastion it used to be, I routinely confused him with Rafael Nadal. Consequently, I had to Google his name to put a face to the man who had blundered into one of the moral panics we do so badly. Sporting champs – like actors – belong to a gentry blessed to be living at a rarefied time when mastery in divertissements is saleable via advertising and television. I judge them solely on the humility with which they behave as beneficiaries of a fluke. Djokovic is respected as person and sportsman; his reputation in his native Serbia is unblemished.

These facts – combined with a detestation of gestapos and yobbos – meant the grand slam ace was assured of my support. It helps that the people’s tribunes excoriating him are effete laptoppers who suffered least during our globally notorious lockdowns. They’re cleaving to the mob with theatrical solidarity in the hope that their uninterrupted paydays and privileges will pass unnoticed. A bit like businesses in America putting “BLM” signs in their shop windows.

By the time Brexit victor Nigel Farage asked if Australia was a banana republic late last week, it was already a rhetorical question to observers around the world. We have gone from being seen as a no-worries wonderland to a prison island of dictators, lickspittles and cowards in two years. The shame could take decades to live down. How that happened will be one of the great questions for historians of the future. They could do worse than renovate Manning Clark’s old thesis on “punishers and straighteners.”

Beneath the economic stagnation, lawlessness and martial fetishism, the foundations of a banana republic are psychological, spiritual and cultural. The knights so beloved of Paul Keating in Clark’s historiography – the “enlargers” (in whom the Bankstown Bonaparte saw himself) – are far scarcer today than they ever were in the Rev. Samuel Marsden’s allegedly lash-happy heyday. No historian is likely to credit sanctimonious autarkists like Daniel Andrews and Mark McGowan with enlarging anything. They will, however, notice the similarities between the flogging parsons of the nineteenth century and the officials interrogating a tennis player in the dead of night, shooting civilians in the back with rubber bullets and assaulting pregnant women in their own homes. I only wish Clark the atheist and secular humanist had lived to see his co-religionists truly come into their own. They are now Australia’s most dedicated floggers.

The convict-era explanation for covid extremism has limitations. Deranged behaviour has, after all, been seen throughout the world: in North America, Western Europe and even Mr Farage’s United Kingdom. However, if each unhappy nation in this pandemic is unhappy in its own Tolstoyan way, their historians must determine through what inherited traits, imported habits and human frailties their particular rots set in. In Australia’s case, there has been an obsession with standing over and humiliating – most especially, men. They have been belittled as ‘non-essential,’ as having no right to provide for their families. The only permissible outlet for the anger that must result is attacking those whose unbowed independence embarrasses the emasculated. Weakness thus becomes manly and so-called egalitarianism reins in the free. Novak Djokovic, then, is a threat to the subliminally enraged. “None of this would have happened if the Serbian star had just had the jab,” whined The Australian’s sports editor, Wally Mason, this week. You can hear the convict say, ‘If you didn’t try to escape, matey, we wouldn’t be Norfolk-bound.’

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9 Responses to Ocker Floggers

  1. rosie says:

    ‘Effete laptoppers’
    James Newburrie made a valid point about this saga.
    If unvaxxed Djokovic can enter then all vaccine mandates, passports and other restrictions for unvaxxed Australian citizens must cease immediately.
    Seems reasonable to me.
    And I’m fine with Djokovic entering.
    Meanwhile I’m banned from sitting in the cafe while waiting for a ferry because the only thing that matters is if the qr code can scan.
    It’s nice outside in the sun.

  2. C.L. says:

    Where are you now, Rosie?

  3. Petros says:

    Another great piece, CL. Shall forward on to others.

  4. Chris M says:

    Yes, terrific article CL!

    Totally relate, zero interest in tennis on account of it being the most boring pastime ever invented but I really like what this Novak guy has done for all freedom loving Australians and also exposed to the world what a fetid dish of rancid dog turd Australia has become.

  5. Chris M says:

    Those angry (there seems many) appear to be in two camps – klutz brains that still think the jab does something & we all just need to obey and those that were forced into having it (buttraped by their bosses) and are angry this tennis guy won’t bend over like they did.

  6. rosie says:

    I am now in Corsica CL.

  7. MatrixTransform says:

    Ah CL
    you seem to have been given with all the words.

    thanks for giving some back.
    they made me chuckle

  8. bollux says:

    After Morrison, Australia doesn’t know how to deal with men.

  9. Louis Litt says:

    Totally agree with you CL. Unbelievably males step down and apologise or back track , usually to lesbians. What’s hysterical about the homo sexual couple, one acts like a male and what acts like a girl – that’s the way they like- I don’t know why.
    Male jobs have gone and you say the family breakdown. I have come across more males crippled to helplessness by the settlement, damage to private property which comes back on the males.
    The female sensitive male is a joke. It’s favours the male over the female every time. Women fall for it.
    The COVID is female hysteria. It’s like saying to your girlfriend let’s try water skiing, skydiving, opal mining, car racing, putting a car together – the flip out.

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