By hook or by sook

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  1. Davey Boy says:

    They sniffed the(ir own) wind when making this decision

  2. jupes says:

    What a vindictive, pathetic nation we live in.

    Hope he appeals and wins again.

  3. Tel says:

    Lol … comment from Gab … “Jesse Owens didn’t have to put up with this kind of shit.”

  4. howardb says:

    Djokovic case in front of Judge Kelly currently adjourned after Govt instruction to take him into detention overnight on Saturday.


    Voice for Victoria thread

  5. Tom says:

    Scott Morrisom is such a giant of Australian politics he’s trying to win an election by kicking out a foreigner – after the media spends weeks ginning up hatred of said foreigner.

    But such xenophobia is hardly surprising in a fearful nation that thinks face masks protect us from Kung Flu.

  6. Chris M says:

    he’s trying to win an election by kicking out a foreigner

    Yes, well spotted!

    Novak = Tampa. Little different circumstances but Smirko’ll blunder through eh?

    Liberals always begging for the leftist vote and never quite get it, like a political Tom and Jerry plot.

  7. MatrixTransform says:

    Missus told me that Netflix are filming it all kind of like a tennis flavoured Truman Show

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