Rational Triage: Let The Culture of Death Die

SORRY, Dr Srivastava, but there is nothing special about your bile. The highly respected oncologist tells us nothing about that unvaccinated man or that cancer-stricken lady. For all we know, he had perfectly good reasons to abstain from the (now failing) covid vaccine and she smoked two packs of Rothmans a day for 50 years. If it comes down to an ICU bay and one of two patients more likely to live, judging the wisdom of their behaviours must remain practically irrelevant.

Far from constituting their finest hour, the pandemic has exposed the medical establishmentarians in this country as ethically illiterate utilitarians and many as callous buffoons. More than one AMA spokesman has advocated the abandonment of the unvaccinated altogether. At least Dr Srivastava argues her case without imagining she has the authority to call for punitive manslaughter. Despite a state of supposed emergency and canting declarations of solicitude for the vulnerable, Australian governments took advantage of the pandemic – and an Overton window whose vista their officials rendered Dickensian – to legalise killing them. History will show that assisted homicide of the old and a more extreme war on the unborn were priorities of our time. If resources and personnel are needed for ICUs, I know just where to find them.

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  1. Pommyal says:

    Read the article. First impression is-guilt ridden tosh.
    Statements like- most of my patients die early. Something like that.
    The woman’s family asked pertinent questions. ” how does she go from working to dead in a couple of days”.
    Chemo probably. Chuck in a load of Wuhan spike protein. That’ll do the trick.
    In the interest of science more autopsies should be done.

  2. Tel says:

    She’s obviously hard-left because she writes for the Guardian, and lives in Melbourne and even has supported Tater Dan’s iron fist policies. Strange the way people who tell me I don’t deserve any help (because I’m disobedient) also feel completely unabashed about taking my money year after year and refusing any option for me to opt-out of their system.


    She also wrote an article back in 2020 about the need to be realistic when it comes to limited ICB beds … but don’t call it “rationing”, because we don’t like to use that word … even though we all know that rationing must necessarily take place in a public health system.

  3. Buccaneer says:

    The Victorian health system has already endured a much more deadly surge in corona virus than the current one. No mention in her article of the shambles that is the Victorian dhhs, or the lack of response by the Victorian government to plan for more capacity in the event they have another 900 death event. Im guessing this story is a partial or total fiction designed to allay blame. I note that in NSW the narrative is that it’s all Scott and Dom’s fault for a lack of planning.

  4. Tel says:

    On the topic of public health.


    There has been a long and sordid attempt to discourage the public from even considering the health benefits of Vitamin D. We could go further and examine the medical industry and their messaging on sun exposure. I find it amazing that if you ask just about any “scientific” type person in Australia (including all doctors) whether they believe in the Theory of Evolution they will not only say “Yes” but they will then ignore that theory when on message with the standard “Sun = Bad” theme.

    Applying extremely simple logic, and an observation that place skinned people typically evolved in low-sunlight climates, while dark skinned people evolved in high-sunlight environments … we easily deduce that if sun exposure was unequivocally bad (as the public health people will tell you) then all humans would be black … on the flip side if sun exposure was unequivocally good (which is the message of some fringe groups) then all humans would be white. The rock solid conclusion is that for each skin type there exists an optimum amount of sun, which we have adapted to over millions of years.

    However, very few modern humans live in the environment they were originally adapted to. We have dark skinned Americans living in New York apartments during the Winter time and getting essentially zero sun exposure … they are not adapted to those conditions. You would think that doctors might take an interest in this, but then general rule is no they don’t pay any attention. This has a bunch of consequences for viral disease, cancer, bone density, and all sorts of other things.

    Then we could also talk about widespread Zinc deficiency, and the weakening of the immune system … and B12 deficiency which is common in older people (especially women) and it is one thing that eating soy products will not provide for you. Why the heck does our supposedly “hard wired to help” medical industry completely ignore these affordable, safe, and broadly beneficial supplements … while at the same time slapping the table over expensive, experimental mRNA treatments that have failed to achieve their primary purpose which was to prevent outbreaks?

  5. Buccaneer says:

    Once upon a time, doctors were interested in science, research and the furtherance of knowledge. Now the vast majority of people that call themselves doctors seem more interested in their own authority, it’s how Dr Srivistava can publish a story that would likely be identifiable to her patients family without fear of retribution and how one K Phelps can be be appointed head of the ama. Not to mention Bartone, Owler and just about every other for the last 10 years playing politics instead of advocating for doctors.

  6. Twostix says:

    I’d be pretty nervous if she was was my doctor. Now knowing there is a sea of “bile”, emotion and judgment going on inside her about patients.

    In reality I doubt she cares emotionally – she’d be a wreck as every day beds and procedures are prioritized and de-prioritised and machines turned off and people present for all manner of self inflicted reasons. And families wonder if the doctor wasn’t a little too pushy and if the hospital “just wanted the bed’ and people argue and get upset. So this isn’t unique or new to her, it’s another day at the office.

    Pieces like this are just another channel of the Vaccine Amway Sales Program. In this case reassuring the 1000% dosed guardian readership that 90% of doctors agree, they’ve made the right product choice.

  7. Chris M says:

    Excellent article CL and comments. Anecdotally from the 40-odd folk I know of that caught the wuhan virus this time by far the worst condition are two fully vaccinated.

    Tel is spot on too. This plandemic has exposed the whole medical industrial complex and laid waste to the ethic structure that was established over many generations. Many doctors are great, many are just average, a lot are below average. We can no longer trust what any of them say because politics, euthanasia, abortion and other factors.

    Years ago I went to a Dermatologist with some skin rash thing on my leg, she said they knew what it was (inflammation of hair follicles) but that there was no known treatment. Imagine my surprise to accidentally cure it myself by some sun exposure. It was that simple, but they couldn’t recommend this because sun = bad.

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