The Courier Mail disappears rolling vaccine debacle – again

Eleven have died in the latest reporting period. Nine were fully vaccinated and/or boosted.

“An unvaccinated person in their (sic) 30s is among 11 more covid deaths…”

Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard said one of the deaths announced this morning was of someone in their (sic) 30s who was not vaccinated.

He said the others were one person in their (sic) 50s, two in their 60s, one in their (sic) 70s, three in their 80s and three in their 90s.

That’s how easily Dr Gerrard commands the lede at The Palaszczuk Bugle.

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5 Responses to The Courier Mail disappears rolling vaccine debacle – again

  1. Lee says:

    Off-topic, but I am sick and tired of the gross grammatical violation of referring to one person as “their,” instead of “his” or “her.”

  2. Lee says:

    This is extremely embarrassing and utterly shameful, especially if done deliberately to scare people:

  3. Pommyal says:

    The only thing around now that is endemic is LYING.
    Saw scumo recently going out of his way to cancel George Christensen for speaking truth.
    Morrison is a devious, lying cunt.

  4. MatrixTransform says:

    their (sic)

    the ABC too.

    they don’t need fact-checkers, they need spell-checkers

    (sic) fmd … let’s hope it’s terminal

  5. Shy Ted says:

    A young Queensland man with a disability has died with COVID-19 at home, leaving his devoted family with serious questions about why he was discharged from a hospital emergency department just hours earlier.

    Key points:
    At 28, Lachlan Moore is the youngest person in Queensland recorded to have died with COVID-19
    Paramedics took Lachlan to Redcliffe Hospital, where he was handed over as a possible COVID-19 case
    Lachlan was sent home from hospital with a prescription for antibiotics, after spending about five hours there
    Lachlan Moore, who was born with the neurodevelopmental condition Angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy and epilepsy, was found dead in bed earlier this month, hours after being sent home from the Redcliffe Hospital, north of Brisbane.

    So, severely disabled chap with multiple life-shortening problems dies young. Even the coroner said

    A coroner found he died from a subarachnoid haemorrhage, or brain bleed, as a result of his medical conditions, but Lachie’s grieving father, Ron Moore, said: “COVID was the sail that drove it.”

    Just resign, bald Jeannette Young.

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