90% of Queensland virus deaths Friday were fully vaccinated

And you know what that means: time for yet another weird John Gerrard reality inversion.

Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard predicted the Covid peak would be reached on the Gold Coast in the coming week as he warned unvaccinated Queenslanders who thought they could ride out the wave and then live Covid-free were dead wrong.

Dr Gerrard revealed the average age of an unvaccinated person hospitalised with the virus was just 39 – 20 years younger than those who were triple vaccinated.

He said they were “putting their lives at risk” every day.

“It is a very bad idea not to be vaccinated,” he said…

The message came as Queensland recorded 15,050 new cases, 884 people in hospital, 52 in intensive care and 10 deaths in the previous 24 hours.

Parked in another Courier Mail report are the details of those ten deaths:

Dr Gerrard said one person was unvaccinated, six had received two doses of vaccine, and three people had received their booster shots.

Oh. Dr Gerrard is now writing off the “vaccinated elderly or vulnerable” – precisely the ones vaxxer maximalists solemnly promised would be protected from illness, hospitalisation and death – and is transitioning to a new, deliberately muddled narrative that blames the unvaccinated. Blames them for what, nobody knows. The triple-‘vaccinated’ are too few to be indicatively compared to another cohort. They are underrepresented in hospitals just as they are underrepresented everywhere. The shameless distraction peddling doesn’t end there:

Dr Gerrard said the average age for an unvaccinated person in Queensland hospitals was about 20 years younger than those who were vaccinated and hospitalised for Covid-19, at about 39 years old.

This is a risible comparison of unvaxxed patients hospitalised with anything and those hospitalised for the virus. The age of the former is epidemiologically irrelevant. The only statistic that matters – the one denialist Dr Gerrard avoids like a real plague – is that the ‘vaccinated’ are the people dying. He also guesses that 1 million Queenslanders already have – or have had – covid. He doesn’t know the “true number” because hardly any of them are bothered by the symptoms – that is, if they have any. To summarise, then: Dr Gerrard is running a phony comparison of the triple-vaxxed with the unvaxxed and an equally phony comparison of hospitalised cohorts to avoid admitting the vaccines have failed. Except for media stenographers, nobody is listening any more.

Today: 73.5% of supposed virus deaths in NSW in latest reporting period were fully vaccinated.
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4 Responses to 90% of Queensland virus deaths Friday were fully vaccinated

  1. bollux says:

    All true. Gerrard took the job that was rejected by the top pick Dr Krispin Hajkowicz. .Would be very interesting to have a conversation to ask why he turned it down. One would assume it was he wouldn’t fall into line and spew the crap that Gerrard does. My favorite analogy is that if I died from cancer but had cold sores at the time, would the authorities be correct if they called it “a cold sore death’? Silly I know, but that’s what they are doing and trying to pass it off as accurate medical reporting. Jeanette Young sowed the seed for Gerrard, trying to pass herself off as a doctor instead of a high level government patsy on $650,000 per year. I hope they all get what’s coming down the pipe.

  2. Ed Case says:

    What are the symptoms of the deaths?
    If it’s huge numbers of blood clots in the heart and lungs, then that ain’t covid/19, that’s Vaccine Injury.

  3. Boambee John says:

    Dick Ed

    You don’t (even claim to) know? This is an event worthy of note!

  4. Tel says:

    … transitioning to a new, deliberately muddled narrative that blames the unvaccinated. Blames them for what, nobody knows.

    It makes perfect sense from the perspective of a religion … if you don’t believe in Tinkerbell she loses her magic. The existence of a small number of unbelievers amongst the group is quite sufficient to cause this magical belief failure mode.

    Interestingly, the same failure mode occurs for the Emperor’s New Clothes, when only one boy speaks up and says he doesn’t believe.

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