U-Haul to U-Kraine

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    One of the pastors in the loose circle of churches we’re in is a tank mechanic. He pastors a certain church in Ukraine. He was called up during the last Donbass unpleasantness. Such is service in Christ sometimes.

    Christians conscripts in Ukraine probably could do with some prayers in case Putin is for real, which I doubt, but then I don’t know his reasoning.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    This also reminds me that a couple nights ago I read of Chaplain Rev P. G. O’Keefe MBE, 2/6 Bn in New Guinea (see p82). He was a Catholic priest of Camperdown, Vic. The chaplains accompanied the guys right across the Owen Stanleys and beyond (this was at Mat Mat, 23rd June 1943). Thanks to Chaplain O’Keefe and all his colleagues.

  3. Lee says:

    Foreign military getting involved in a war between Ukraine and Russia is far more fraught with danger on a number of levels, than Iraq or Afghanistan were.
    And even the latter was hardly a success.

  4. Chris M says:

    Hmm one factor is the Ukraine women are not tatted woke toads with emo issues like the California girls… and no Biden.

  5. Tel says:

    Russia does not want to invade the Ukraine … there is nothing of value for them. What they want is to keep Sevastapol as their warm water port, and to make sure the USA does not install any missile launch tubes. Those are all the things that matter.

    The Americans don’t want the Ukraine either, they only want to provoke Russia by moving NATO further East … which is really about escalating tensions and inventing a purpose for NATO thus finding reasons for bigger NATO budgets.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Tel – Putin is attempting to re-establish the extant Tsarist Russian Empire. He’s rebuilt Orthodox Christianity as the state religion as a glue to help hold things together…again in the image of Tsarist Russia.

    The fun thing is that, as a result of blowback from Poland and Lithuania over country shoppers, Putin has recently been invited to send troops into Belarus. That’s also partly due to opposition demos after Lukashenko stole the most recent election.

    I wonder if, suddenly, Mr Lukashenko might be invited to retire permanently to a nice dacha east of Moscow? Would be an epic coup de main. Much easier than attempting anything on Ukraine when the Ukrainians-in-the-street loathe Russians worse than gonorrhea. Maybe if Stalin had been nicer to them they might be more sanguine.

  7. Riversutra says:

    The Ukrainians loathe Russia. So, if you invade, you are bogged down in urban “peacekeeping” straight away.
    Remember the saying “if you broke it, it yours to fix”.
    The Russian army must remember that from Afghanistan, if not Chechnya.
    This war drum beating by the Wests politicians and their lickspittle Media is all a bit whiffy. And why is always exactly 100,000 massed on the border. You can’t believe anything anymore, just try to figure it out from basic rules. Who benefits, follow the money, is there a distraction needed from domestic issues.
    If the West just said they wouldn’t expand NATO , the Russians don’t have a political fig leaf. End of “crisis”.

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