The ding-a-ling is gone but he’s not forgotten

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7 Responses to The ding-a-ling is gone but he’s not forgotten

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Mr Tedious has been reappointed. His Marxist credentials are perfect, so why change horses mid stream?

    WHO’s Tedros Ghebreyesus runs unopposed for second term as director-general (26 Jan)

  2. jupes says:

    ‘Pandemic’ priorities: WHO backs Neil Young’s Spotify boycott over Joe Rogan’s ‘misinformation’.

    Hmmm. Nowhere in that article do they explain, let alone attempt to rebut, Rogan’s “misinformation”. Probably because it amounts to Joe explaining what he took when he caught Covid and the effects of that treatment as well as an interview with Dr Robert Malone, who is one of the world’s pre-eminent authorities on MRNA vaccines. You know, what used to be called an expert.

  3. Tel says:

    After two years we finally discover that the World Health Organization has been getting medical advice from dopey pop singers. Golly … that sure helps a few pieces of the puzzle slide into place.

    Next thing we might find out that the IPCC has been receiving lectures in atmospheric physics from Bono, and the central banks of the world are actually being run by Elizabeth Warren and AOC.

  4. Entropy says:

    Spotify and Rogan, but even Neil Young and Apple have all made money from this brouhaha.

  5. a reader says:

    James Blunt promising to release new music on Spotify if they DON’T sack Rogan. Epic trolling of the useful idiots

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