Scotty From Plummeting

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  1. Bluey says:

    Be much more interested in what minor parties are receiving the vote. 2pp is not realistic for the forthcoming election.

  2. Chris M says:

    The office nerds in Canberra will look at this and conclude Liberals need to move more extreme left to become popular.

  3. Petros says:

    Is that data correct? ScuMo was elected on the 24th of August 2018. Would seem the polls were way off.

  4. Jay says:

    Bluey, you won’t get an honest assessment of the minor party and independent vote in the mainstream media. Only after the election they’ll come up with data to show how they predicted a big surge. Their role at the moment is to marginalize and downplay minor parties.
    BTW, prediction: 8 weeks out from the election expect the mainstream media to discover some major stories about corruption or like about Labor people. At the moment all published voices against the LNP but it’ll switch back against Labor/Greens in the run up to the poll. Last thing owners of msm want is a landslide to Labor.

  5. Morsie says:

    He is too big to run a small target campaign

  6. Lee says:

    If he hasn’t already, ScoMo is going to find out what constantly abasing himself to the left, sacrificing his own ministers, turning his back on his supporter base, abandoning Liberal principles, and folding up like a house of cards before state premiers will ultimately cost him.

    I have zero sympathy for him; his problems are nearly all of his own making.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The base has left the building. I repeat, the base has left the building.

    Scott Morrison, Coalition suffer huge blow in latest Newspoll as PM’s satisfaction rating drops to lowest since 2020 (Sky News, 31 Jan)

    The first Newspoll for the year shows Labor is the preferred party in leading the nation out of the pandemic as the Liberal-National Coalition slump to its lowest level since September 2018.

    The primary vote for the Liberal-Nationals fell two points to 34 per cent while Labor lifted three points to 41 per cent.

    I don’t know about the first para since Labor clearly has no intention towards “leading the nation out of the pandemic”. Sneakers and Gunner clearly want the emergency to go on forever. Maybe they’re eyeing climate fascism as a political goal though, since totalitarianism is the Left’s preferred way to save us all from something which isn’t happening.

    I wonder when ScoMo will realize how much most righty voters hate the net zero rubbish?

  8. C.L. says:

    Net Zero was the beginning of the end.

  9. Shy Ted says:

    Being surrounded by 20 year old advisors’ll do that for ya.

  10. twostix says:

    Be wary of declaring a right wing protest victory.

    I had the septic guy around the other week. Guy literally gets down and dirty in our septic system without gloves on.

    After rinsing his hands at the tap as usual, while doing the paperwork he lambasted “the government” for leaving us to fend for ourselves against the virus. Previously he was pretty moderate on it.

    Covid Karenism suddenly runs deep man. Real deep.

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