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The Hockey Gear Airlift

No sticks, though: Canada is sending $25 million worth of non-lethal equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine has asked for more equipment to keep their soldiers safe. They need helmets, body armour and gas masks. Canada is delivering just that with an … Continue reading

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Victoria: The Stinker State

Keith Windschuttle on the foulest pong in Australia: VicPol’s Shame: Smelly Cans to Open.

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55-45: Crisis-fatigued voters not buying PM’s khaki malarkey

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Not Wrong

For “Open secret: The Brittany Higgins story,” Samantha Maiden wins the Gold Walkley Award. Am I wrong or is it weirdly dehumanising to be constantly referred to as a ‘story’ — as opposed to a human being — all the … Continue reading

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Attention Twitter Commandos

Godspeed: Ukrainian President Asks Foreigners to Come Fight, Says He Will Provide Weapons.

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Ghislaines To The Great Man

TALENTED biographer Troy Bramston has written a new work on Bob Hawke and he promotes it in today’s Weekend Australian with three teaser articles. The book’s vanilla revelations do matter for the chronicles but, prima facie, are not very interesting. … Continue reading

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Not once: 1,066-word analysis doesn’t mention Joe Biden

Laura Tingle’s impressive feat: Putin’s strike on Ukraine is testing the US and NATO.

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Sleeper Joe: What would a Putin agent have done differently?

Not just Keystone: Biden Killed The Israel-Europe EastMed Pipeline – How’s That Looking Now?

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Table Talk With The Donald

If you move against Ukraine while I’m president, I will hit Moscow. All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.” (To Vladimir Putin). . “Any military move against Taiwan would be met with an attack on Beijing.” (To Xi … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald calls out Democrats/media for Russia Hoax

Collusion lies and crimes shut down even back channels and promoted Putin/Xi alliance: Video.

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All heart New York Times waives mask mandate

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Scott Biden

• PM tells NSW government ‘no’ for proposed offshore petroleum exploration. • NSW won’t support further offshore mining and exploration permits.

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Kim Philby For The Win

MI5 and MI6 agents are being urged to consider ‘white privilege’ and declare pronouns.

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Russian police emulate Daniel Andrews and Justin Trudeau

Officers in Moscow round up protesters. They’re not quite as violent as VicPol or the Mounties.

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YOU have to own wrong calls. I wrote last week that I didn’t believe Putin would launch a shooting invasion of Ukraine. It wasn’t a guess. I thought about advantages and disadvantages, the probable costs to Russia – the realpolitic, … Continue reading

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How many doses did I always say you would need, Winston?

FDA is considering a FOURTH dose of COVID-19 vaccine and making it an annual shot. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering making a second booster shot – which would be a fourth … Continue reading

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Graph of the week

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Pete The Muss

Women are unlikely to back ‘transgender’ sports bill NOT if they know what’s good for them. There is a reason the so-called conservative side of politics ‘struggles’ to attract female candidates. They won’t be protected by the ABC or the … Continue reading

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