Religious Discrimination Bill will crack down on Christians

The Prime Minister announces the homosexual lobby must control all Christian schools:

The proposed religious discrimination laws will likely face further amendments after Scott Morrison proposed revisions to prohibit the discrimination of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Prime Minister was responding to a decision by Brisbane school Citipointe Christian College, who handed out contracts requiring students to agree to specific gender roles and denounce homosexuality.

[Nobody was required to ‘denounce’ homosexuality. This is fake news].

“No, I don’t support that. I mean, my kids go to a Christian school here in Sydney, and I wouldn’t want my school doing that either,” he told Brisbane radio B105.3 on Thursday.

“And the bill that we’re going to be taking through the Parliament, we will have an amendment which will deal with that to ensure that the kids cannot be discriminated against on that basis.”

In December, moderate members of the Morrison government struck a deal to make changes to the controversial bill, protecting gay students from discrimination in religious schools.

There is no evidence that ‘gay’ students in Christian schools need ‘protection.’ Just like the Chinese Communist Party, the Morrison government is proposing to ban a biblical theology of 2000 years-standing – meaning Christian teachers faithful to their own traditions can be harassed, bankrupted or arrested – thanks to the Liberal Party. This is what happens when an adherent of the prosperity gospel confronts Caligula: he surrenders to maintain his prosperity.

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16 Responses to Religious Discrimination Bill will crack down on Christians

  1. Twostix says:

    So this scumbag thinks completely fake never heard of before states rights prevent him from stopping states erecting hard borders and checkpoints and passports to travel inside Australia, but don’t prevent him involving himself in the running of an individual school in QLD.

  2. Twostix says:

    This is what professional class populism looks like by the way.

    His behaviour is directed straight at “working mums and dads” in the suburbs. The ones lining their children up for intravenous drugs they don’t need by the hundred thousand. The welfare queens who get 10k a year to put their toddlers in daycare so mum can be a “BA” in the home office and read all day.

  3. C.L. says:


    The Liberals need to roll this knuckle head now.

  4. Ed Case says:

    Better the devil you know.
    What do we know about Falinski, other than he’s wetter than Scotty?

  5. Twostix says:

    Also the Brian Houston story gets a boost in the media on Tuesday, Scott “houston is my spiritual mentor” Morrison is denouncing christian schools in QLD by Thursday.

    Judging by his reaction last August when the media last flirted with the story, we’ll have mandated tranny story time and puberty blockers being injected into all school children by next week.

  6. Lee says:

    Man of no principles ScoMo never fails to disappoint.
    And he wonders why the government is slipping disastrously in the polls.
    Continually pandering to the lefty/woke, Green mob as he does will lose him far more conservative votes than he will pick up from the other side.
    If this were a Muslim college or school this would absolutely be a non-issue and everyone knows it.
    Much as I dislike Albo, if Morrison lost his electorate at the next election I would be ecstatic.

  7. Lee says:

    This is straight out of the Dictator Dan playbook, and ScoMo’s usual scared-out-of-his-wits-of the-left policy on the run.
    Enough said!

  8. Chris M says:

    One chance this year to crush the Liberal like a bug. A disgusting stink bug, needs to be gone forever.

    Three years of Labor slime will be the price, still good value.

  9. jupes says:

    Not content with pandering to homos and just as the West Australian newspaper finally decided to put a bit of pressure on McClown’s ridiculous and tyrannical Covid policies, SloMo decided that now is the time to back McClown’s border closure.

    No really. He did, and in doing so he snuffed out any hope that McClown might cave or ease up.

  10. rosie says:


  11. Not Trampis says:

    Just to repeat no pupil has ever been told to leave a christian school . The only teachers that have been publicly revealed they were in same sex relationships so we can assumed they lied at their interview on a few counts.

    If a parent has a child who is a homosexual unless that child believes they should not have sex then why enroll them in that school. Surely parents talk to their kids before they send them to any school.
    Likewise parents of a transgender child have explicitly rejected god. Again why would they send their child to a Christian school.

    It is a shame in the Brisbane case the principal did not take advice from the Sydney Anglican school organisation. They have remained faithful to the gospel without inciting mad people.

    I should lastly blast this lie that proclaiming homosexuality is a sin leads to suicides’. If you are engaging in homosexual practices it means you are rejecting God. Telling them they are indulging in sinful practices means nothing as they reject that assertion.

  12. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    If a parent has a child who is a homosexual unless that child believes they should not have sex then why enroll them in that school. Surely parents talk to their kids before they send them to any school.
    Likewise parents of a transgender child have explicitly rejected god. Again why would they send their child to a Christian school.

    You still display only a limited understanding of the “activist” mind. The opportunity to cause trouble is their fundamental delight.

  13. Not Trampis says:

    with the greatest respect any reasonable interview with the parents should give the school a reasonable idea of why the parents and the child wants to go to that school.

    You do not need a document to sign to understand that. The Principal involved did some silly things.
    In terms of the politics Christians are perhaps a bit more in number than homosexuals however it is quite clear ‘tolerant’ people are not with Christians on this issue. This is why Morrison has acted as he did.

  14. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    You still do not understand that “activists” (in this case homosexual and transgender activists) are not, as a group, tolerant. Knock them back after an interview, prepare to be “outed” and harassed on Their ABC for homophobia and/or transphobia, followed by screeching crowds gathering outside the school.

    Try to observe the real world outside whatever ivory tower you dwell in.

  15. Old School Conservative says:

    Non Mentis has a point.
    Once upon a time the negative views about homosexuality and trans genders were rock solid conservative and Christian values, taught in churches and Christian schools. However the activists have caused a melt down in doctrinal discipline and what once was straightforward policy is now “ivory tower” thinking.

  16. C.L. says:


    There is no pragmatic excuse for Morrison’s cowardice. He could have made a noise about the terrorising of Christians, the fake news invention of students dismissed from schools or mistreated therein etc.

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