No presumption of innocence: Morrison declares man guilty

Prime Minister Scott Morrison directly thanked Ms Higgins for her role in bringing to light the issues facing many employees, particularly women.

“Whose experience, and more importantly courage, is the reason why we are all here today,” he told Parliament.

“I am sorry, we are sorry.

“I am sorry to Ms Higgins for the terrible things that took place here. The place that should have been a place for safety, that turned out to be a nightmare.

“I am sorry for far more than that. All those that came before Ms Higgins … but she had the courage to speak, and so here we are.”

There is no proof Miss Higgins experienced any ‘terrible thing.’ That is for a court to determine.

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15 Responses to No presumption of innocence: Morrison declares man guilty

  1. Lee says:

    Morrison never fails to disappoint.

  2. Franx says:

    Parliamentary privilege might not be subject to allegations of perverting the course of justice yet that the perverting occurred would surely remain undeniable in the hearing of the relevant case.

  3. bollux says:

    So a somebody finds herself in a place where she shouldn’t be dressed in her birthday suit, as drunk as a skunk and making whoopee and the PM apologises. Demonstrates the true character of both people. Let’s hope they find the person responsible for this midnight tryst or is that an oxymoron.

  4. twostix says:

    When are the courts going to start standing up in this country?

  5. howardb says:

    ffs, this guy is weak & gullible. There is absolutely no hard, concrete evidence to substantiate this utter farrago of feminist victimhood fairy tales.

    The public needs to wake up that this was a pre-determined & carefully orchestrated attempt to sabotage & divert attention away from reform of the family court crime racket & coerce jellyback Morrison into refunding the $5BN feminist cashcow known as the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and THEIR Children…. and add on the appointment of 4 Ministers for Women to protect Morrison’s popularity rating.

    What we’ve had enough of is this gender shaming war orchestrated by power-starved feminists and their media harpies to con money out of government using deliberate lies.

    Tired gendered DV strategies which assume the only way to tackle violence against women is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to respect women have failed everywhere in the world they have been tried for over 30 years. And they failed precisely because violence is not and never has been gendered.

    The deliberate ongoing distortion of this social issue is all about feminist’s fear that recognizing the real causes of violence. poverty, addiction, mental health, generational family dysfunction, will shift funding away from their social engineering programs directed at gender inequity – the destruction of patriarchy (traditional family) and demonization & elimination of all things masculine in their dream of a genderless marxist equal but equity oppressing society.

    These ideological stunts are a callous insult to the genuinely damaged victims.

    Govt has thrown away billions of taxpayer dollars ostensibly to combat the myth of gendered DV.

    In actuality, the money does not go to reduce DV or victims but creates a massive war chest to fund the feminist left political agenda and re-election.

    The real victims of this orchestrated misandry are our boys. And it is about time mothers called it out.

    The boy crisis in a chart

  6. Shy Ted says:

    I’m not sure if there’s anything going to court re BH’ fantasy but if there is he needs to be found not guilty. Honestly, ScuMo.

  7. C.L. says:

    Trial begins in June.

  8. dover_beach says:

    The sooner people stop making excuses for Morrison the better. He is worthless.

  9. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Official….you’re now guilty until proven innocent.

    Just remember, Morrison did this to Pell back in 2018. I believe Pell’s trial was prejudiced…for a myriad of reasons, and this trial is now also prejudiced.

    The plain truth is that Morrison and this government is a disgrace.

  10. Morsie says:

    Its funny but I cant remember the trial.

  11. C.L. says:

    Well said, Howard.

  12. Ed Case says:

    Take a Chill Pill, everybody.
    Scotty was talking about Sexual Harassment in the workplace, something Brittany Higgins raised last year.
    This other issue isn’t related to the Jenkins Report.

  13. C.L. says:

    Nah. That’s silly, Ed.

  14. Tel says:

    The sooner people stop making excuses for Morrison the better. He is worthless.

    Literally the only excuse for Morrison is Albo. The entire Liberal election campaign is going to be, “Of course we are appalling, but Labor is just a fraction worse.” Given has how Victoria had the worst outcomes both in terms of COVID deaths per capita and in terms of social and economic destruction, that’s going to be an easy case to make.

    Albo’s campaign will be, “Yup!”

    Albo is smart enough to know that the less he says the better his chances.

    I guess I should be throwing money at Craig Kelly, because he might slightly disrupt the status quo and nothing he does could possibly make things worse.

  15. Old School Conservative says:

    Ed, your post can be interpreted several ways.
    Please explain.
    Are you saying Brittany’s alleged rape did NOT start the process of kicking off the Jenkins report?
    Are you also saying that Scotty was NOT referring to the alleged rape?
    Is “I’m sorry to Ms Higgins for the terrible things that took place here,” a reference by Scotty to sexual harassment in general at Parliament House and NOT the alleged rape?

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