When Halls of Fame Run Out of Fame

The first thing to say about The Complete List of 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees is that at least a third of them are not rock & rollers. Dolly Parton? Dionne Warwick? Lionel Richie? One other name doesn’t belong either but I’m giving her a pass. Kate Bush always get a pass. As does the greatest music video of all time:

Nominees Devo are uncategorisable and they worked hard to keep it that way. I almost posted the legendary 1978 cover of Satisfaction on SNL ahead of Kate. Causing a sensation, for commercial release the interpretation had to be approved at the highest level. Mark Mothersbaugh relates that an audience was arranged with Mick Jagger in New York for an OK. He sat and listened. Then he got up and danced around the room before declaring it his favourite version. $weet.
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9 Responses to When Halls of Fame Run Out of Fame

  1. Morsie says:

    Any look at the history of rock n roll will show it comes from a myriad of music sources.It is not just white boys playing guitar.
    The nominees clearly fit into the category of rock n roll if you include all the strands, R & B doo wop etc etc.
    If you want proof I suggest that you listen to the podcast “The History of RocknRoll in 500 songs”.Its painfully woke but incredibly well researched.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Coles is a good barometer. The music they play is about fifty years old. Some newer stuff, but that is notably beige and unmemorable. They were playing Skyhooks last time I was there.

    None of the music in the last couple of decades has had the impact of their progenitors from the 60’s through 90’s.

    Yet crappers, oops, rappers get squillions. Someone must listen to them. Not me.

    On the other hand you can now do a uni course on this lady:

    Taylor Swift: New York university introduces pop icon as subject (6 Feb)

  3. Buccaneer says:

    Yesterday’s outrage is today’s beige. In the 70s the Skyhooks were out there. Few remember now but Rock and Roll was a common term for sex in the 20s and a term for outrageous new music in the 50s. Bill Haley might not seem like a rocker to some now but he was one of the originals. Elvis Presley caused outrage too. Listen to the lyrics to Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard, i think it really encompasses the social tresspass that rock and roll created. hint when he sings “she likes to ball’ it’s a reference to oral sex.

  4. I was 14 in 1990, so the 90’s were my era, and my music. Even my old man acknowledged the 90’s were incredible music wise, and he was the man who played me Zeppelin, Zappa, mother’s of invention etc.; So he would know.

    Rage Against the Machine, although not a favourite, were a defining band, their influence huge. But where the fuck have bands like that been for the last 2 years? They raged against power, but as you now look back, only non left targets. They’ve been silent as their left and corporate cohorts have destroyed their industry.

    I have no sympathy for any musician, or venue, because not one of them has spoken out about this bullshit inflicted upon us.

    Fuck you, I’ll wear a mask and isolate and do exactly what you tell me……..

  5. cuckoo says:

    Saw recently that there was a documentary about DEVO on free-to-air, so I tuned in but tuned out about five minutes later. In late middle age they – sepcifically Gerald Casale – have turned into dreary humourless doom-mongers moaning about the ‘planet’.

  6. Buccaneer says:

    Loved 90s music, plenty of rock style social tresspass there with Nine inch nails, rage against the machine and the whole grunge movement.

    There are some musos pushing back but they get sidelined and cancelled https://www.loudersound.com/features/eric-clapton-van-morrison-and-the-perplexing-rise-of-the-covid-conspiracy-rockers

  7. Tel says:

    I have no sympathy for any musician, or venue, because not one of them has spoken out about this bullshit inflicted upon us.

    The revolution is being powered by Right Said Fred of all people … since no one won the pool on that, we might as well donate the prize money to the truckers.

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