Disregard their crocodile tears for the elderly in ‘care homes’

Liquidating the old is a bourgeois-left priority: The Political Shifts That Embrace Euthanasia.
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5 Responses to Disregard their crocodile tears for the elderly in ‘care homes’

  1. When I was at school, one of the perrinerial topic options for debates or assignments was euthanasia. I thought it was just there as a thought experiment or a topic to get one’s teeth into.

    I know better now.

  2. Typhoid Murray says:

    A quick stab with the jab is doing a great culling job all by itself in the nursing homes

  3. Chris M says:

    Slightly OT, this guy probably deserves a post:


    A rather concise overview, albeit with a couple of bad words.

  4. local oaf says:

    No-one in the media/political class these days cares one iota about the aged.

    Australia’s aged are overwhelmingly white, straight, Christian and a majority would be right of centre politically. Few would be pro multicultural, gay, indigenous, SSM, etc rights.
    Most of them probably think there are only two genders.

    Worst of all, they’re using up the Earth’s precious resources and exacerbating the Climate Crisis (TM).

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