The National Press Club doesn’t serve Abos

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  1. Ivan Denisovich says:

    That TheirABC is indifferent to the plight of Aboriginal women and children is pretty much a given these days:

    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says “race thinking has now captured” the ABC and is leading journalists to censor themselves.

    Mr Bolt pointed to Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price’s recent dramas in Coffs Harbour on her national speaking tour, sharing her views on how to tackle Aboriginal poverty, crime, domestic violence and poor education results.

    He slammed the “ludicrous and sinister identity politics” that he said the ABC displayed by cancelling an interview with Ms Price and allowing an activist protesting her tour to “freely slime” her as a racist.

    Mr Bolt said ABC reporter Claire Lindsay then sought permission from activists to attend Ms Price’s talk, which he said shows the national broadcaster is letting “race warriors” determine who reporters may hear…..

    One of the only times TheirABC might be interested in airing grievances of an aboriginal woman is if it could damage or smear conservatives or a Coalition politician. That’s the priority.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Try and catch a few minutes of the Nat Press Club. Scripted speeches, loaded questions. Only 2 men present out of many dozens. That’s equality. Brinney looks very nice in a virginal white suit.

  3. Ed Case says:

    It’s off white.
    That pic of Tame at the link: Does she have a hairy back or is that just the photo?

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