A Pandemic of The Recalculated

A task force comprised of scientists and data specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working with hospitals nationwide to improve Covid-19 reporting. The group is asking hospitals to report numbers of patients who go to the facility because they have Covid-19 and separate those from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted, the two officials said.

Meanwhile, The Courier Mail – formerly a newspaper that made sport of mocking the un-syringed as public enemies – has become anti-vaxxer-curious. Even though the double-dosed are no longer ‘fully vaccinated,’ the Queensland daily’s editorial this morning pleads with Annastacia Palaszczuk not to make a third shot the sine qua non of reopening for travellers. The Premier insists she’ll do what ATAGI says but if that’s at odds with polls (below: Courier Mail – today), watch the scandal-plagued pseudo-heroine dump the ‘science’ to avoid being honked.

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5 Responses to A Pandemic of The Recalculated

  1. cuckoo says:

    Channel nein last night suddenly produced a laughably bogus ‘poll’ of their own, presumably concocted in the photocopier room, to show that over 60 percent of ‘respondents’ supposedly want incoming tourists to have had a third jab. No documentation, no sourcing, no referencing apart from ‘Nine poll’. You can almost smell the flop sweat. Do phony concocted polls count as ‘misinformation’?

  2. bollux says:

    I don’t know if Annastacia will be swayed by the poll. I’m not convinced she or her CHO can read.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    Already done it. Presentations for other things 100%. Convid presentations 0%. Accuracy of tests 0%. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

  4. local oaf says:

    First they had to artificially boost the number of covid dying, to frighten us into getting the vaxes.

    Now they have to reduce the number of people dying from covid, because it’s making the vaxes look useless.

    All their statistics are fictional.

  5. Lee says:

    Biden officials trying to recalculate U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations.

    Because the Democrats have to disguise the fact that things are worse under Biden (despite vaccines being introduced during his tenure) than under President Trump.

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