“Extremely effective”

On Queensland’s “deadliest day” yesterday, 91.6% of the decedents were ‘fully vaccinated.’
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  1. cuckoo says:

    Progress of a kind. I can remember Victoria’s ‘deadliest day’, when the vaccination status of that record number of decedents suddenly became embargoed under ‘medical privacy’.

  2. C.L. says:

    I notice the number of ‘boosted’ decedents is growing.

    Branch Covidian: OF COURSE, dummy, that because more people are boosted!
    Me: *Tucker face*

  3. Pommyal says:

    When will an unvaxxed prole such as myself be granted parole.
    Not holding my breath.

  4. bollux says:

    Looking at the latest stats in the UK, the jabbed are overwhelmingly the majority in hospital.
    If you need a booster after 3 months, the experts are saying the vax last 3 months, correct. So it follows that after your 12 weeks are up, you are unvaccinated, at least at an effective level. That’s if you were ever protected which I would argue, you weren’t. At what stage do you think these foolish people will abandon the make believe?

  5. Shy Ted says:

    The real question is “how many of the deaths have had no vax at all?” While they’re effing around with the definition of unvaccinated and unboosted. Lying liars lie.

  6. Terry says:

    Vaccine Free: never succumbed
    Unvaccinated: not up-to-date with latest mandated arbitrary command.
    Vaccinated: continuously pulling the trigger hoping the next chamber is empty (or too stupid to have contemplated the possibility that it is not empty – they wouldn’t! Would they?)
    Fully-Vaccinated: one chamber in front of the vaccinated.

  7. dover_beach says:

    Me: *Tucker face*

    Is there a ascii version of Tucker face? That would be gold.

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