Dangerous Misinformation

Omicron is well and truly here in WA. If you are not fully vaccinated the virus can find you and it can have tragic consequences.”

– Globally ridiculed loonball Mark McGowan forgot to mention not only that the virus can also ‘find’ the ‘fully vaccinated’ but that most alleged covid deaths now occur in the ‘fully vaccinated’.

This is a new choice. It is a protein vaccine which is a tried and tested vaccination platform.
After today there are no excuses for anybody.”

Greg Hunt falsely claims the ‘vaccines’ – including newcomer Novavax – are compulsory. Forced vaccination is illegal in Australia. No excuse is necessary. It would be truer and more life-promotional for the health minister to say there are no more excuses for abortion.

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  1. Chris M says:

    We thinkin the Omicron one be here plenty in WA. You not gonna jabbed them virus one find your mob and be really bad one.

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