Until he appears in a siren suit, Peter Dutton isn’t being serious

Brendan O’Neill on critics of ‘appeasing’ Russia: “The Churchillian cosplayers are everywhere.”
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5 Responses to Until he appears in a siren suit, Peter Dutton isn’t being serious

  1. jupes says:

    I’ll tell you what does remind of the Nazis and it’s not Russia.

    It’s the treatment of the Jews unvaxxed in Perth. McClown’s restrictions on them are almost word for word the same restrictions the Nazis had imposed on the Jews by about 1935.

    Horrifying and disgusting.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    At least he hasn’t played a ukulele or eaten a raw onion.

  3. Chris M says:

    Absolutely correct jupes and exactly what I was thinking. McHitler is a mentally unstable character worse than Putin but with less power thankfully.

    Meanwhile Smirko the author of Australian Apartheid and the digital Govid pandemic can’t figure out why he is unpopular despite years of acquiescing to the left and strumming the uke for the right.

    As for Putin clearly we need a statesman like Trudeau or Hunter to negotiate with him. Oh wait, we have one! Hillry says the attack will happen on Wednesday (very specific) and it it doesn’t it’s because Biden strong armed the Russians down. Like Corn Pop.

  4. Boxcar says:

    All this crap is for the USA audience. Straight after Biden took the job, the world told him with no uncertainty, that he was just a placeholder, and his minions were just a bunch of gormless bureaucrats who think the world works like the Washington swamp. If any or all of the WEF, Davos, UN, NWO is true, then neither do the European placeholders have any personal power of the magnitude of Putin.
    He can and does say what he means, and they know it.
    No ambiguity, they know exactly what Putin is doing. He will have old them.
    I never did figure out Nordstream II.
    If Trump had successfully stalled it for 4 years, hoping to get an American gas contract over the line, why did Biden allow it?
    Most of his Ukrainian revenue stream had to be via Russian gas to Europe, so he was cutting of his nose. and how would what he is promoting now, reconcile with any of that?

  5. I reckon Biden was quite happy to be a placeholder from before the nomination in return for him and the Dr being able to occupy the master bedroom of the Whitehouse for a time.

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