Maverick. I Flew With His Old Man

HANKERING for a new war to boost the post-Kabul spirits and political stocks of depressed arms manufacturers, panicking Democrats, Boris Johnson’s wife, Peter Dutton’s General Ripper alter-ego and possibly Scott Morrison’s ukulele-enraged neighbours, today’s wag-the-dog wiggles about Ukraine and Russia are the most egregious yet. My personal favourite is this taking of the media’s Mickey lifted directly from Top Gun:

US defence officials said American and Russian aircraft operating in the Mediterranean Sea flew dangerously close to each other in three separate incidents over the weekend. In one, the aircraft came within 1.5 metres of each other.

Never happened. In today’s edition of war-mongering tabloid, the Daily Mail – no longer gunning for Mr Johnson’s noggin, strangely enough – the tinfoil hat cliché “false flag” appears no less than nine times. Joe Biden – whose botched raid on an alleged ISIS kingpin in Syria earlier this month left 13 civilians, including six children, dead – is suddenly interested in a Ukrainian kindergarten where nobody died. See more on that at the false flagger ABC.

We are in the window when we believe an attack could come at any time and that would be preceded by a fabricated pretext that the Russians use as an excuse to launch an invasion. We’ve seen the tactics used in the past.”

– Gifted White House mendacity multi-tasker Jen Psaki, when asked about supposed Russian reports of mass graves of civilians allegedly killed by Ukrainian forces. The last time maliciously phony mass grave stories were used as a pretext for terrorism was last year – in Canada.

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4 Responses to Maverick. I Flew With His Old Man

  1. Roger W says:

    Joe is so desperate for a distraction from his many failures, he craves war in Ukraine.
    Look for a “false flag” op by the CIA to try to start things off.
    Not sure if Boris will support at this stage, though, he needs to check with Carrie first.

  2. Perfidious Albino says:

    Somewhat surprised to see Dutton also running so hard at this, makes one think this was teed up in advance as part of the AUKUS ‘deal’.

  3. jupes says:

    Meanwhile Peter Dutton does his best to emasculate the ADF by hiring over 50 utter arseholes to investigate and prosecute 19 members and former members of SASR. 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, every working week of the year.

    Funnily enough, after over a year of this farce (and five years of Brereton’s ‘enquiry’), those hard working investigators have come up with absolutely nothing. Dutton is entirely happy with their effort.

  4. C.L. says:

    Dutton wants to be Liberal leader but he will never out-vote Frydenberg in the party room.

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