Mr Hayes reminded others not to take Covid lightly and suffer the way his family had.

‘For those who think that Covid isn’t that dangerous – try losing the love of your life in under 48 hours from positive test result,’ he said.

There is no record – from the date of Mrs Hayes’ death (Wednesday, the 16th) to today, inclusive – of any 46 year-old woman in NSW dying of covid. Bereaved husbands on Facebook are not medical officials. It is possible that because a c.o.d. is yet to be finalised she may be numbered among covid casualties as an ‘historical’ case eventually. Currently, however, there is insufficient information to warrant any of the reports above. The original FB post has since been removed or locked – though it was featured by the ABC Sunday morning.

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4 Responses to Clixploitation

  1. Lee says:

    Yet another case of “with”?

  2. Chris M says:

    Spoilsport CL. There is lots more to be milked from this yet.

    Sad for the family nonetheless. Although the cause proposed is highly unlikely everyone infected would benefit from the early treatment medications intentionally banned by the Scott Morrison government for political reasons. Fortunately a few bodies here and there is not overly distressing for welder Scott.

  3. Tel says:

    We know for sure she was fully jabbed … because she was still working as a teacher in NSW.

  4. Shy Ted says:

    So that’s what teachers do.
    Clearly had elf concerns around Christmas.

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