Kim Philby For The Win

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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, encapsulates the fall of the west.

    Brendan O’Neill has just uploaded an excellent piece on Spiked dealing with this woke MI5 rubbish

    Last night on his programme, Chris Kenny had a segment where he showed just how weak, flabby and absurd the west has become. He showed a Russian army recruitment advertisement for the army and then he showed a recent US army recruitment advertisement. It was like watching day and night. The US one was a cartoon and about a girl growing up in California with “two moms” who decides to join the army, it was riddled with virtue signalling and identity politics.

    The two advertisements cut to the core.

    The thing is, none of this is funny.

  2. Wyndham Dix says:

    The West is collapsing under the weight of its contemporary contradictions. Few have the wit to comprehend it. The Divine source of all life will not be mocked indefinitely.

  3. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    +1 for the heading, C.L.!

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