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CIA cowboys having a ball – let’s give them another $25 million

The Ukrainian military Oscars: Kiev’s forces announce the seven best video moments of the war.

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Regime Change

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Banning the press and democracy not enough for Mr Elensky

Consonant with the eitgeist: Ukraine demands all countries ‘criminalize’ use of Russian ‘Z’ symbol.

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From Fantasia to peak child molestation lobby in 80 years

■ Disney Has Finally Had It With Florida’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill. ■ Disney to Remove All Mentions of Traditional Gender Roles at Theme Parks. Disney is scrubbing the use of “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from its … Continue reading

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Rooted Reforms

We have what they call ‘opposition’ to the pope. It’s trying to build walls, going backwards — looking to the old liturgy or maybe things before Vatican II. Vatican II is unknown by many of the young generation. So it’s … Continue reading

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Quantitative Teasing

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He’s Italian: Former spy boss remains loyal to dangerous capo

Cringe: Former CIA chief Leon Panetta explains Biden’s fiery unscripted remark saying he’s Irish.

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Fury: Just because she’s scorned doesn’t mean she’s wrong

Scott Morrison dismisses Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells’s scathing character assessment.

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The Friendless Kimberley Kitching

KIMBERLEY Kitching has become the most talked about Australian politician to die in office since Harold Holt, the panegyrics honouring her the most bipartisan since the death of Fred Daly. One thing all the tributes prove is that the late … Continue reading

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Motherhood: The only job that feminists are too weak to handle

Mum of two, Daisy Turnbull: Like Perrottet, men must take their leave, not leave it to the missus.

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Fresh Prince

Will Smith has slapped an awareness of the West’s attention span into Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Top meanie’s callous put-down

Are you going to keep dying your hair?” – During the Mean Girls’ abusive war on Labor’s Kimberley Kitching, underappreciated style icon and beauty Penny Wong reportedly taunted the late senator about her appearance. “Penny went apeshit,” a source told … Continue reading

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They said Kamala’s visit was a disaster. Biden: ‘Hold my ear.’

■ US President Joe Biden says Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’. ■ Biden’s comments about Putin not about regime change: White House. ■ White House forced to make correction after Biden suggests troops will be sent to Ukraine. … Continue reading

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But enough about America

We are engaged anew in a great battle for freedom. A battle between democracy and autocracy. Between liberty and repression. This battle will not be won in days or months either. We need to steel ourselves for the long fight … Continue reading

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The Kitching Sink

• 5 March: Liberal Senator emails members blaming Alex Hawke over NSW preselection debacle. • Yesterday: Liberal Party dumps NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells ahead of the election.

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Fiery Faux Pas

This really gets me burned up — in case you didn’t notice — because, again, I’m very Catholic. Devout, practicing, all of that. They would like to throw me out, but I’m not going, because I don’t want to make … Continue reading

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Drug addict son of Vice-President WAS financing mystery labs

Now confirmed: Hunter Biden helped secure funds for US biolab contractor in Ukraine: e-mails.

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Albo’s angry girl: Grace tame has slammed PM Scott Morrison over the latest Hillsong scandal.

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