College chooses tolerance over expensive Twitter quagmire

David Penberthy on a boys-only school that still is: Elite boys-only school allows trans student.

One of Australia’s oldest and most exclusive boys-only colleges will let a male student who has transitioned to female remain at the school, even though it is still not co-ed and does not accept female students.

In a sensitive and complicated case, Adelaide’s prestigious Prince Alfred College has decided that the Year 12 student, known only as Alice, can become PAC’s first transgender female student as she completes her final year of studies this year.

The student has not “transitioned to female.” That isn’t possible, obviously.

Principal Bradley Fenner wrote to PAC families on Tuesday night explaining the background to Alice’s story and the school’s decision to break with 152 years of tradition by letting her become its first transgender female student.

Aside from during World War II when a small number of girls were allowed to study at Princes, the school has only ever been open to boys.

All of PAC’s students are boys. It still isn’t co-ed and it still doesn’t accept female students.

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6 Responses to College chooses tolerance over expensive Twitter quagmire

  1. Rossini says:

    Yonks ago when the circus came to our town,you had to pay to see
    the “freaks”, now just go to school, amongst other places.
    What a shithole Australia has become!

  2. Terry says:

    Amongst the all-male student body, statistically, it would be entirely expected that a number of psychological conditions might present in the cohort.

    That one member has presented with Gender Dysphoria is unremarkable, especially under a barrage of Social Media induced psychological abuse that afflicts contemporary “western” society.

    Congratulations to the school for being sensitive to and tolerant of the young man’s condition. May he find his own way in life and find content and happiness.

  3. Graham says:

    It seems to be implicit in this story that everyone is “pretending” as a matter of convenience. PAC is pretending that a biological male is now a female. David Penberthy by referring to “her” and “she” is pretending that a biological male can transition into a female.

    If PAC seriously thought that “Alice” was now a female, rather than a male who wanted to be a female, it could not let the student remain without accepting that it was now a co-educational school. If one “female” is able to be a student, then all should be able to be students.

  4. Paul says:

    Stand by. There will be more. I’m surprised Catholic schools weren’t at the cutting edge (as it were)but perhaps they are and it’s just no longer worthy of comment.

  5. Chris M says:

    So basically they decided not to ban boys with tits.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Will “Alice” sue the school to make them install girls’ toilets?

    If I were the parents I’d be thinking “this school is woke, my son isn’t going to get an education worth the fees we’re paying”.

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