A Sad Loss

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  1. Tel says:

    Died suddenly from heart attack at 52 … same as Shane Warne.

    Million to one chances are happening nine times out of ten lately.

  2. C.L. says:

    It’s strange.

    Even Warney – they say he went on yo-yo diets etc and he smoked, bla bla bla.

    Still doesn’t explain a massive heart attack to me.

  3. Tel says:


    Dr Justin Nasser dies suddenly from heart attack at age 52. Almost spooky, he looks fine in the photo … heck, he’s in better shape than me unless that might be an out of data photo.

  4. C.L. says:

    I will say, though, that in recent pics of Shane he looked several years older than 52. You could put that down to playing cricket for years – his skin was pretty damaged. Usually, early deaths from heart attacks can be congenital but his parents are alive and well.

    Dr Nasser looks in good shape.

  5. Tel says:

    I should take a break from clicking on search engines … which I can do of course … any time I want …


    Gordon Henderson in Edinburgh died suddenly from heart attack age 52 just in January this year. Looks like a regular average guy, friends say he was a decent chap.

  6. jupes says:

    Dr Nasser looks in good shape.

    You can be in fantastic shape but have veins full of plaque. Then you are more likely to have a heart attack. Just saying.

  7. Chris M says:

    If you’re worried get another booster!

    Not only will it boost your Gov-id credit score it’s even a nice sounding name so psychologically comforting also. Feel good about yourself up to the last beat.

  8. C.L. says:

    You can be in fantastic shape but have veins full of plaque. Then you are more likely to have a heart attack. Just saying.

    And 52 year-olds can just die.
    We’ve become focused on age for obvious reasons but post hoc is not always propter hoc.

  9. rosie says:

    I’ve known a couple of people in apparently very good shape die of heart attacks in their forties and fifties, it happens.
    Agree, post hoc not always proper hoc.
    I see Dave Hughes is in a little bit of a panic over his heart health now.
    Went vegan a couple of years ago, but hasn’t been taking his medication and has BP issues.

  10. Perfidious Albino says:

    Tel, click on John Paul, champion Scottish cyclist before you stop…

  11. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Dreadful news. She seemed like a nice woman. She was Labor right and the Labor party need more like her.

    Condolences to her husband and family.

  12. Petros says:

    Get a CT coronary angiogram people. Pretty non-invasive way of seeing if your coronary arteries are narrowed.

  13. cuckoo says:

    The singular lack of media curiosity about Warne’s cause 0f death is like the dog that didn’t bark in the nighttime. Though it gave the Age an excuse to run yet another piece about how dumb stinky-poo men don’t fuss about their health the way wimmin do.

  14. Chris M says:

    dumb stinky-poo men don’t fuss about their health

    Yes, although it is a problem though when warning signs are ignored. Funny story:

    I went to a doctor once and asked for a check-up. The doctor was so surprised as apparently men don’t ask for this. At all. She was acting stage and asking me increasingly odd questions about why I came then finally straight out asked me if I’d been rooting other men and caught something! Ugh REALLY not into that.

    Was utterly speechless, my jaw just dropped which probably made it all look more suspicious. On top of all that she was a young hot Asian doctor, rather desirable type. She just added some STD checks on the blood test forms without saying much more. Hahaha took my head a while to stop spinning.

  15. The doctor was so surprised as apparently men don’t ask for this.

    My wife got me to go along for my ‘annual’ checkup. (I also got a stay-of-jab form, which was the real reason I darkened their door.)

    I looked over the shoulder of the doc and his screen said my last visit for the previous annual checkup was for years ago…

    Agree that KK’s death came as a shock as I’m the same age and, unlike SKW, she didn’t seem to have a reputation for flamboyant living. No, doc, I’m not planning to get the jab…

  16. Fat Tony says:

    Meh….get used to it, it’s the New Normal.

    (Don’t worry – the kids won’t be left out)

  17. Tel says:

    … John Paul, champion Scottish cyclist …

    We can’t start listing every single young and fit athlete who “died suddenly” in the past 12 months. For starters there’s way too many in the list … and other blogs are doing it already.

    I have to draw the line at only 52 year olds. 😸

  18. rosie says:

    Stress cardiomyopathy?
    She had a fatal heart attack the day after the Labor party started a factional fight over her senate pre-election.
    Maybe someone should point a finger that way.

  19. rosie says:

    Incidentally young fit healthy athletes dropping dead of heart attacks isn’t new.
    sudden cardiac death is the most common cause of death in athletes (published in 2016)

  20. David Archibald says:

    Live by the vaxx, die by the vaxx. Kitching was a vaccine enthusiast:

    The vaccine enthusiasts die young. As a union official she was very proficient at filling in forms, lied about that an an inquiry, was not prosecuted. Bill Shorten rewarded her with a Senate seat. No loss to humanity. But it is good to see stupid elected people getting the consequences of what they impose on everyone else. Bear in mind that there is no vaccine mandate for federal parliament because, in the words of Barnaby Joyce, ‘it would cause arguments’.

  21. Tel says:

    Cottrell James Hunter, 1999 world champion of the shot put, died suddenly late last year at the age of … wait for it … 52 years! Very sturdy build (possibly as a result of Tetrahydrogestrinone) he obviously worked out a lot, but I can’t find any recent photos.

    Another one: Canadian cardiologist Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, who looks in great physical condition in every photograph I can find, was still doing well at 52 years old until one night late last year he died suddenly in his sleep.

    Sorry guys, couldn’t resist.

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