Give me a form guide on drive-offs and I’ll give you a price

What’s the odds of two black fellas with PhDs, driving two different silver Mercedes Benz that they own being racially profiled at the same service station on the same day?”

– Cheese ’n golliwog campaigner Stephen Hagan

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2 Responses to Give me a form guide on drive-offs and I’ll give you a price

  1. Rockdoctor says:

    OK this stuff boils my blood especially when their little darlings are running riot across the city and I don’t need any more irritation after seeing fuel prices this arvo after being out of civilisation for nearly 2 weeks.

    On Smallwood, she is a serial race baiter. Enough said about her as she is of very low character and not worth it. Hagan was hired to be CEO of Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Heath Service (TAIHS), he had a falling out recently and sued when sacked.

    Sidebar: TAIHS has a reputation of a money hole that a couple of prominent tribal families use for pocket money. The ALP have made tentative steps in the past to clean up but backed off when the tribal families pull the race card. The LNP has never even tried. Meanwhile a significant sum of public money goes to this race based organisation but never sees any scrutiny. However I digress.

    Pure conjecture but wouldn’t be surprised if this is a stich up and planned between the two. Hagan has form and probably needs some money for his law suit and Smallwood has been quiet of late. They seem to have their out of town ambo chaser well chosen looking at his form.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    What Rockdoctor said. Same old Graceliar that she was when I was in Tville back in ’92. But has she culturally appropriated that bottle of sparkling wine?
    Not to mention all the bling.

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