55-45: Voters unmoved by PM’s late pivot to domestic crises

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8 Responses to 55-45: Voters unmoved by PM’s late pivot to domestic crises

  1. Rohan says:

    The problem with these polls are the assumptions around preference flows. Neither the ALP or LNP are polling much more than 32% primary vote. I’m predicting that the UAP and PHON will win north of 20 seats and control the balance of power.

  2. Roger W says:

    People are oblivious (because of MSM bias) or uncaring of the sort of thing exposed by the piece above (Steal Dossier).
    Expect the horrors of Victoria and Queensland to be nation-wide after the Federal election.

  3. Fat Tony says:

    When it really matters (to them), the ALP & Lib-Nats will vote together.

    We’re not getting out of this just by voting – they have too many skeletons in closets to allow this to happen.

  4. twostix says:

    Expect the horrors of Victoria and Queensland to be nation-wide after the Federal election.

    Canberra – the town, the bureaucracy, makes Victorian and QLD look like bastions of probity. Victorian and QLD go this way because Canberra already went this way in the 2000’s and rightists, obsessed then with capturing the legislature only and living in some strange crypto-libertarian fantasy state of abolishing the APS, ignored the reality on the ground that entire capital city was becoming – aggressively and by design – one massive managerial state sinecure and HQ.

    Until the right understand the story of the seizing of Canberra 2000-2022 by these forces and the subsequent purge of their enemies from the territory through massive wage inflation forcing traditionalist working class to leave the territory by the tens of thousands, building terrible schools in working class areas compared to their own areas, withdrawing public services from areas dominated by their enemies, aggressive discriminatory and unbelievably nepotistic hiring practices at all levels of the APS, mass immigration to replace the once Liberal voters in the south, etc, they will continue to lose the war as the same thing unfolds everywhere downstream.

  5. twostix says:

    Back when Liberal dummies were handing control over our children’s minds to Canberra communist lunatics via the “National Curriculum”, I explained to arrogant NSW and Victorians that you would not end up with the NSW or Victorian curriculum, you would end up with the whacko ACT curriculum.

    “No that couldn’t happen it’s governed by some dumb oversight body that nobody cares about” was the reply.

    Fast forward to 2021:

    There’s an increased recognition of a sophisticated First Nations culture being in Australia long before European settlement and less emphasis on Christianity as the dominant faith

    terms in the curriculum such as Aboriginal and Indigenous are to be replaced with First Nations Australians or Australian First Nations peoples, and the colonisation of Australia by the British will be examined from the perspective of an invasion, involving the dispossession of indigenous land.

    Nice one, idiots.

  6. bollux says:

    The Left do politics better. It’s crucial as they cannot survive without taxpayers money. Example: first they steal the language as in “first nation”. The Aboriginals were never a nation and they probably weren’t first. I think the country should be partitioned and the Left can have the Simpson Desert with a dingo fence around it.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    LNP is 35% on primary.
    They need at very least 42-43%.
    They’re a crater with smoke coming out of it.
    Which is what happens when you burn off your base.

  8. Chris M says:

    Thank you Bruce, well put!

    LNP has gone the way of medical ethics, didn’t survive 2021.

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