Under Labor, open season on Christians will remain open

The Islamic Call to Prayer will be broadcast on radio stations around the country to mark the anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Quite the snub. And 100 per cent deliberate. Labor, after all, is at war with the Church.

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6 Responses to Under Labor, open season on Christians will remain open

  1. Lee says:

    Why are Christchurch and Islam being singled out, terrible as the shootings were?
    What about 9/11, the Lindt Cafe, the Florida gay nightclub, and the thousands of Christians and non-Christians murdered by Islamist extremists all around the world?

  2. Lee says:

    I agree, C.L., it was no slip or case of forgetfulness from Albo.
    Christianity is far more likely to come under attack from the left, activists, the gay lobby, and even governments in Australia, than the religions he is most anxious to defend.
    Labor is not getting my vote.

  3. C.L. says:

    He couldn’t include Christians because that would complicate Labor’s opposition to the government’s (now defunct) religious discrimination bill.

  4. Fat Tony says:

    “Likewise we must work to address the troublig rise in Australia of all race and religion-based hatred, including anti-Semitism, anti-Hindu and anti-Sikh sentiment

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the ones he wants to protect the same ones doing the anti-Semitism, anti-Hindu and anti-Sikh (and anti-Christian) sentiment ??

  5. Shy Ted says:

    The ABC had a program dedicated to it a couple of days ago. Contained all the buzzwords.

  6. Baba says:

    Jacinda Adern, World Economic Forum Global Young Leaders alumnus.

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