She seems like a nice girl but there is more to her than that

Video: I got a distinct inkling of Greens from floods “protester” Kudra Falla. And sure enough…
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5 Responses to She seems like a nice girl but there is more to her than that

  1. Lee says:

    Of course, severe floods never occurred under Labor PMs!

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Ah, yes.
    Activist, liar, LGBTI chairperson and that’s just the first page.

  3. Old School Conservative says:

    At least ch9 had the grace to say the majority of the demonstrators were professional protestors, that there were only 9 there, and police moved them on quickly.
    That was before giving them massive air time, soft questions, and tight shots to accentuate the “protest” size.
    But still, baby steps……..

  4. cuckoo says:

    SBS ran some interesting video of the ‘protesters’ dumping flood rubbish outside Kirribilli House. The ringleader was an extremely ugly, clearly mentally disturbed man with fake boobs and long dyed blonde hair. Say no more.

  5. Tel says:

    From the IPCC Third Assessment Report 2001, page 229, Figure SPM-3 you can see they predicted all of Australia would be somewhat drier but in particular the Southeast corner of Australia was predicted to be much drier losing between 50 and 150 mm per year of rainfall on average (which is a lot when you remember that there are normally occasional years with almost zero rainfall so the wet years need to lose even more rainfall to bring down the average). The model results in graphical form are still up on display today.

    Here’s the caption to that figure, copied from the report:

    Figure SPM-3: Projected changes in average annual water runoff by 2050, relative to average runoff for 1961-1990, largely follow projected changes in precipitation. Changes in runoff are calculated with a hydrologic model using as inputs climate projections from two versions of the Hadley Centre atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (AOGCM) for a scenario of 1% per annum increase in effective carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere: (a) HadCM2 ensemble mean and (b) HadCM3. Projected increases in runoff in high latitudes and southeast Asia, and decreases in central Asia, the area around the Mediterranean, southern Africa, and Australia are broadly consistent across the Hadley Centre experiments, and with the precipitation projections of other AOGCM experiments. For other areas of the world, changes in precipitation and runoff are scenario- and model-dependent.

    The Hawkesbury River flood of 2022 was within the known 100 year flood parameters, so nothing exceptional about that … earlier floods have been worse.

    Wilsons River at Lismore however did get an exceptional event, above the 100 year flood parameters, and there’s an analysis on Jennifer Marohasy’s website showing that the rainfall in that area was not unusually excessive, and the conclusion must be that additional water was flowing in at a particularly unfortunate time … there’s a confluence of multiple rivers and creeks, I searched by cannot find a good layout of the hydrology in that area … presumably they do exist.

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