Liberal Party launches website attacking “fake independents”

The Australian’s Greg Brown should have mentioned an older site identifying fake conservatives.
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  1. C.L. says:

    The Liberal Party has launched a website attacking “fake independents” linked to Climate 200, accusing the candidates of being linked to Labor, having extreme views and lacking transparency.

    The website, headlined ­“beware of fake independents”, accuses the independent candidates of being disingenuous in claiming they are not aligned to a political party. Liberal strategists will highlight the website through the party’s social media accounts during the election campaign.

    “A well-funded, co-ordinated network of so-called ‘independents’ are targeting Liberals, while deceiving voters,” the website says. “They are being put forward by the ‘Voices of…’ movement, which is only targeting government MPs, despite claiming to be nonpartisan.

    “Recent media reports note a number of activists behind the ‘Voices of’ movement are active in extreme groups like Extinction Rebellion. Others have expressed fringe views, like comparing mining (‘ecocide’) with the Holocaust. Despite campaigning on transparency, these ‘independent’ candidates refuse to reveal who they’d support in a hung parliament.”

    The website includes a collation of news reports backing up the claims.

    Climate 200 founder Simon Holmes a Court, who is supporting more than a dozen candidates trying to unseat Liberals, is aiming to raise $20m ahead of the May election. The independents are mostly running in affluent Liberal-held seats in Sydney and Melbourne, including Wentworth, North Sydney, Goldstein and Josh Frydenberg’s seat of Kooyong.

    On Tuesday, Scott Morrison took his pre-election campaign to the electorate of Leichhardt and pledged $15m for tourism marketing for far north Queensland. The Prime Minister talked up the government’s record as an economic manager, in a pitch Coalition strategists hope will ward off ­advances from independents and Labor.

    “You don’t get knee-jerk reactions from this government. You get carefully thought through ­responsible policies that perform to their task,” Mr Morrison said in Cains. “That’s what Job­Keeper did.”

    Superannuation Minister Jane Hume said the Climate 200-backed independents “have Labor connections and opaque funding sources”.

    “Governing involves detailed policy, but beyond a few platitudes on a few issues, no one knows what these independents’ policies are,” Senator Hume said.

    “In many cases, they don’t know. And they can’t explain how they’d decide. They won’t even say who they’d support in a hung parliament.

    “In uncertain times, the last thing we need is a Labor-Greens-independent hung parliament. “Yet this is what their biggest backer says he wants.”

    Senator Hume said if the independents were nonpartisan they would also be targeting Labor. “Despite claiming to be progressive, they’re targeting moderates, including Australia’s first ever openly gay MP, Victoria’s first openly gay MP and our first MP of Indian origin,” she said.

    “We intend to hold these so-called independents to the same level of scrutiny that they demand of others.”

    Brown didn’t post the website link, oddly – and I can’t find it via Google.

    If someone comes across it, post please.

  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    from the font of all ‘real’ knowledge –

    Has SA got any more coal fired power stations to blow up???

  3. C.L. says:

    It must be a Liberal Party address, NFA.

  4. cuckoo says:

    The fake independent in my neighbourhood (Kooyong electorate) is DOCTOR Monique Ryan. So independent that she quit the ALP because it wasn’t green enough for her. Her signs are everywhere in the neighbourhood, but always on the multi-million dollar houses. Then there is a house near me, a grand Victorian villa which the owners have been restoring for the last two years at unimaginable expense. On their fence they have a sign for the local Green candidate.

  5. rosie says:

    Of course they do.
    Those little yellow and black Climate action now’ signs are only on the nice big houses around my area, not a single electric car to be seen.
    They need to pair them with a ‘I’m a rank hypocrite’ sign.

  6. Cassie of Sydney says:

    I’m here in Wentworth and we have Fake Liberal Dave Sharma versus Fake Independent Allegra Da Big Spenda. We’re so lucky. I’ll be voting for neither. Sharma disgusts me since he crossed the floor last month.

    Allegra has had her posters everywhere for months now. What has really made me laugh out loud are the businesses supporting her. There’s a business near me, a dog grooming business. which has a huge picture of Allegra on their shopfront window.

    When Erarong closes and the inevitable happens….the unreliable renewables fail, businesses such as the dog groomers will be forced to close their doors and they’ll lose money. The poor little dogs will be dripping with water and there’ll be no electricity to dry them with.

    You will reap what you sow.

  7. Bernard Morey says:

    I couldn’t find the site either.

    By the way, Microsoft/Bing flagged CL as a dangerous site and bumped me to a red warning page. I had to go to “advanced” to get access. I flagged it as ‘safe’ with Microsoft.

  8. C.L. says:

    Thanks, Bernard.
    Some malicious individual flagged the site falsely.
    I’ve been meaning to submit the relevant form to clear it.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Maybe Gaia’s heroic 100 could comment on this story today.

    Tesla Megapack Gets Massive Price Hike Amid Soaring Inflation (22 Mar)

    “EV website Electrek reports the price of the Megapack jumped nearly 24.5% since last year. In 2021, a single Megapack was priced around $1.2 million. Now the price is much higher, starting at $1,537,910.”

    Maybe wet Libs wanting to build ginormous batteries instead of Liddell and Eraring might like to comment too, before we all collapse into Venezuelan-style bankruptcy and blackouts.

  10. Shy Ted says:

    I get it. Fake conservatives ARE the LNP. What do I win?

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