Motherhood: The only job that feminists are too weak to handle

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8 Responses to Motherhood: The only job that feminists are too weak to handle

  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Whenever I see a member of this disgraceful family “offering advice”, I need to reach for a bucket…..quickly. Daisy Turnbull has a nanny and lives in a million dollar house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

    Over the years I’ve had a few interactions with Ms Turnbull. Like her miserable father, she isn’t a pleasant character.

  2. C.L. says:

    Cassie, I see Catholic Conservative Dom has introduced rainbow birth certificates:

    Ms Higgins, who identifies as queer, said she used pride colours to depict genderless native animals as rainbow families enjoying themselves among iconic Sydney landmarks.

    “I’ve removed gender from the focus of the illustration to give our rainbow families the freedom to be seen as they wish to be,” Ms Higgins said.

    What the hell is happening in the NSW Liberal Party?

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “What the hell is happening in the NSW Liberal Party?”

    Parrothead is a puppet. I had some hope for him but that’s all gone now.

    The NSW Liberal Party is now a mint Green party….I even think, as in SA, there are pockets of the NSW Labor party that are more conservative than the NSW Liberals.

    I despair.

  4. Lee says:

    I wish feminists would make up their minds whether they need help from men or not.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Does that mean she wears the trousers in the Turnbull household?
    A photo of her dad wearing a dress would be quite fun.

  6. calli says:

    She looks like very high maintenance money guzzler.

    Buyer beware.

  7. Chris M says:

    Cheery laid-back family; kind, generous and down to earth.

    Actually there are a great many such descriptors that don’t belong in a Turnbull bio.

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