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Thoughts and Prayers

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Full Mettle Racket

Cosplay Ramboettes fail: US Army approves reduced physical fitness standards for women. Following a three-year review, the Army has scrapped plans to use the same physical fitness test for all soldiers, choosing instead to have some reduced standards to allow … Continue reading

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Memo to those speaking out against males in women’s sport

Please stop using the ridiculous, quasi-PC tautology, ‘biological male.’ There is no other kind.

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See how that works?

That is our backyard. This is our neighbourhood and we are very concerned about any activity that is taking place in the Pacific Islands.” – Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews Leaked documents suggest plans for Chinese military presence in Solomon … Continue reading

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Debunkers Debunked

THE last time Jack the Insider earned a mention here was February when he claimed that the anti-mandates protest in Canberra would be a fizzer. Bad call. Before that, I noted agog a 23 September 2021 column in which he … Continue reading

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Anti-Putin neo-cons mourn woman who killed 500,000 children

• Mariupol theatre with children sheltering ‘appears to be a direct attack’ on civilian target. • Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies. • Clinton, Obama lead tributes. Ms Van Schaack, ambassador-at-large for Global Criminal Justice at the … Continue reading

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Minnsa: A special society for those with exceptionally low IQs

Chris Minns: Pointing out vaccines don’t stop the catching or spreading of covid is misinformation.

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100 years ago today, Queensland’s Upper House was abolished

The trade-off: fewer politicians on the dole vs. executives that can get away with almost anything.

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Trust the Seance

The Opposition Leader says the late Kimberley Kitching would want the Labor Party to move on.

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Under oath: Her two pregnancies must have come as a shock

No, I can’t. I’m not a biologist.” – Chosen ‘by’ Joe Biden to take the vacant seat of intellectual heavyweight Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Ketanji Jackson was asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) if she could define ‘woman.’

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Liberal Party launches website attacking “fake independents”

The Australian’s Greg Brown should have mentioned an older site identifying fake conservatives.

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The Panpipe Effect

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Muzzle Squad

MARVEL yet again at a Liberal Party that strips away your liberty more than Russia or China ever will. The Morrison government – which slept through the worst assault on law and order since the Rum Rebellion – has decided … Continue reading

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The Vatican’s top diplomats in Hong Kong and Taiwan removed

‘Some level of urgency’: Hong Kong bishop meets Pope Francis ahead of China deal renewal.

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Infuriating and Ridiculous

• ABC, 2018: Final solution: Here’s the Nazi history of the phrase used by Fraser Anning. • SBS, today: Volodymyr Zelenskyy compares Russia’s tactics to Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’. “You remember it and will never forget it for sure,” [Zelenskyy] said … Continue reading

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Reports of Pax Americana’s death may indeed be exaggerated

But reports of Biden’s dangerous incompetence are not: Keith Windschuttle: The Causes of War.

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She seems like a nice girl but there is more to her than that

Video: I got a distinct inkling of Greens from floods “protester” Kudra Falla. And sure enough…

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Archaic Values

Citipointe Christian College teachers threatened with dismissal for expressing homosexuality. Not signing this contract was my choice, but I have effectively lost my job to discrimination. Excluding LGBTQIA+ people from the school community perpetuates these archaic values, and doesn’t prepare … Continue reading

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