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Identifying as a pilot

It’s possible this New York Times tweet will feature in a future episode of Air Crash Investigations.

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Badly missed at Sky where enthusiasm is mistaken for reality

He’s a very good campaigner, Morrison, and he can learn a script and he can nail the issues. The question is: are people listening? Now there are many people saying, ‘Well, we do know him, and we’re a little concerned … Continue reading

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Crash-Proof Goggles

The Times of London: Ghost of Kiev dies in battle ‘after shooting down 40 Russian aircraft’. Ukrainian sources today confirmed the identity of the fighter pilot and his death to The Times. They said his helmet and goggles were expected … Continue reading

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Cool story, bro: The source, a former actor, is a psy-op spook

Volodymyr Zelensky refused to be evacuated from Kiev as Russian hitmen parachuted into capital.

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Judge decides finding 12 impartial jurors won’t be a problem

The show must go on: Man accused of raping Brittany Higgins loses bid to delay Canberra trial.

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Educated at Riverview. Good job, Jesuits.

Matt Kean’s departmental officials taught it is now “inappropriate” to say someone “born a male.” In the course materials given to bureaucrats, staff are told instead they should use “preferred” phrases such as “assigned male at birth” or “designated female … Continue reading

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The war in Ukraine is lost and everyone denying it is a lunatic

There is, however, one man who grasps reality and wants peace. His name is Donald Trump.

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She would be cancelled today – and she couldn’t care less

I see the world is rotten because of being silent… Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear. – St Catherine of Siena.

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Brain Confiscated

Biden's brain just broke, again. — (@townhallcom) April 28, 2022

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ABC and Mrs Jones

Got a thing goin’ on: Sarah Ferguson to replace Leigh Sales as host of ABC’s 7.30 program.

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The Maltese Rabbit

Anthony Albanese brings Grace Tame to tears in interview answer about his childhood. SURE, a big shot gave me a beating but I grew up in a housing commission sardine can where we all ate beatings for breakfast. Besides, there’s … Continue reading

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Gangland war: What old-time cops called a “self-cleaning oven”

Underworld figure Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad shot dead in a hail of bullets on Greenacre street.

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Sadly Missed

Retired Liberal politician Christopher Pyne reveals he’s never sat past ROW FIVE on a plane and admits he was surprised to discover there were ‘so many seats’ behind the first class curtain.

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Finders Peepers

They’re all our children… They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when you’re in the classroom.” – From a trusted teacher, this might be a solemn – albeit loosely worded – affirmation of all that ‘in loco parentis’ means. … Continue reading

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Western values: Howitzers for nazis, prohibitions on speech

Washington-Brussels Axis: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover sets him on collision course with Europe. How Congress Can Prevent Elon Musk from Turning Twitter Back Into an Unfettered Disinformation Machine. But, even though the financial logic of the deal is straightforward, the … Continue reading

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Washington to Zelensky: We’ll take it from here, Mr President

United States urges Ukraine’s allies to move at ‘speed of war’ to deliver more weapons to Kiev.

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He and the Big Guy were probably taking a cut from the clinic

Chivalry is not dead: Hunter Biden Told Brother’s Widow To Get HIV Screening During Affair.

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Men Xi’s

Nationals MP Darren Chester agrees with Scott Morrison that Australia must become poorer: Matt Canavan is becoming like the Japanese intelligence officer who refused to accept World War II was over and hid in the Philippines jungle for 30 years. … Continue reading

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