What Zelensky is to Moscow, he is to Brussels and Washington

Mark Ivanyo on Sunday’s momentous Hungarian election: Why Viktor Orbán Needs To Win.

Now, the globalists are striking back. As 2020 showed, the top threat to US national security is not any foreign adversary but domestic subversion by an unaccountable elite that includes the permanent political class, the intelligence agencies, and the fake news media. This enemy is currently at the forefront of the effort to remove Viktor Orbán. In Hungary, it seeks to oust a democratically elected leader simply for prioritizing his national interest over the “current thing.”

Shamefully, Australia is mentioned by Ivanyo as a largely fake ‘liberal democracy.’ Read it all.

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4 Responses to What Zelensky is to Moscow, he is to Brussels and Washington

  1. cuckoo says:

    Yes, it’s funny to see the western media getting all bent out of shape over the president of…Hungary? And I mean no disrespect to Hungary. It’s like the time when there was a mayor of some Canadian town I can’t remember, and yet he was on the news about once a week in Australia FFS, just because he was some kind of outspoken conservative.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Dominion voting machines in Hungary?

  3. Tel says:

    In the recent South Australian election, three quarters of the first preference votes went to the two major parties (i.e. the “uniparty”) which proves most of the voters are happy with the way things are going … they only ever quibble over small details.

    The fact is the two major parties keep winning for one reason only: because they have a large number of voters supporting them. This is indeed the democratic process, it just happens that a lot of people don’t much like liberal ideas … including most of the “Liberal Party” itself. There’s nothing fake about it, people are getting what they ask for.

  4. Petros says:

    High interest rates and/or unemployment will shock them out of their complacency, Tel. Conscription, too. Otherwise hoi polloi are happy.

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