Bowing to terrorism, Francis affirms ‘unmarked graves’ hoax

The trip to Rome was years in the making but gained momentum last year after the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves outside some of the residential schools.

Last May, the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Nation announced the discovery of 215 gravesites near Kamloops, British Columbia, that were found using ground-penetrating radar.

It was Canada’s largest Indigenous residential school and the discovery of the graves was the first of numerous, similar grim sites across the country.

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11 Responses to Bowing to terrorism, Francis affirms ‘unmarked graves’ hoax

  1. Entropy says:

    He really is a fake pope.

  2. Franx says:

    Pope Francis’ comments were about the schools and not about the ‘graves’, although the context of the comments made it easy for the article to slide into further embroiling the church in claims of settler colonial evils. I wonder how history would have had it if the church schools had refused to accept indigenous children. Pope Francis, though, is involved in some strange ploys.

  3. C.L. says:

    Pope Francis’ comments were about the schools and not about the ‘graves’…

    They are not discrete issues. The schools are being denounced because of the non-existent or wholly explicable graves (people do die; in those days, children died in large numbers during epidemics etc).

  4. C.L. says:

    Two other things:

    1. Francis has no authority to ‘apologise’ for missionaries educating and converting heathen children. He doesn’t speak for Catholics.

    2. It was the state whose official policy was to assimilate indigenous ‘culture’ into the Canadian mainstream for the betterment of native children. Governments outsourced that task to the Church. If protesters wanted to burn something down in retaliation, they should have torched government buildings. They didn’t do so for three reasons: a) as Trudeau proved with the truckers, the state would have responded with violence; b) they want more money from the state; and c) anti-Catholicism was easily weaponised as a generic campaign in which the left generally would happily and enthusiastically participate. Of the 50 or so churches destroyed, most were probably burned by AntiFa-like whites.

    In back-channel discussions prior to this orchestrated ‘apology’, the Holy See should have made it a prerequisite for the Canadian government to apologise for the attacks on churches.

  5. Franx says:

    The ploys of diplomacy involving the Holy See are indeed a worry, and precisely because the Pope speaks for and moreover acts on behalf of Catholics. So what he gets right matters, although so much has not been right, judging by the evidence.

  6. Lee says:

    No doubt, had they been mosques, not churches, targeted for destruction and vandalism they would have been regarded as acts of terrorism and racism.
    Needless to say that only then would Trudeau and the left have gone ballistic in their outrage and condemnation of the perpetrators, regardless of their justification.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Parking a truck is terrorism requiring harsh punishment, but burning down a church because of a hoax is understandable frustration or something. Has anyone been prosecuted for arson yet?

  8. Lee says:

    Excellent point, Bruce.
    Also, virtually simultaneously in Canada, gas pipelines and/or facilities were cut or severely damaged by actual terrorists, of the eco-terrorism variety.
    I didn’t hear or see a comment or word of criticism from that extreme hypocrite, Castro Jr., I mean Trudeau.

  9. Fat Tony says:

    Parking a truck is terrorism requiring harsh punishment

    I haven’t seen any news coming out of Canadia regarding this – does anyone know what’s happening? Or has the censorship become total there?

  10. Tel says:

    You Catholics really need to do something about your Pope … the guy is off the rails.

  11. Gab says:

    You Catholics really need to do something about your Pope … the guy is off the rails.

    Yes. we know, that’s why we pray for him daily for his conversion.

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