The Boy Who Cried Wolfsangel

IF at first you don’t succeed in mainstreaming The Narrative, lie lie again. One thing those with an IQ higher than Joe Biden’s basement have learned over the past two and half years is that the Big State/Big Tech/Big Spook troika is not disheartened by the irksome emergence of reality. When a fabrication collapses, another is mobilised for Twitter before anyone has a chance to cultivate even the rudiments of scepticism. There is no conspiracy at work. Authoritarian mendacity – like Skynet – has become self-aware and needs orchestration no more than rest. The Troika knew the natural origin explanation for covid-19 was a lie; it knew the Russia Hoax was a lie; it knew Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. It wasn’t a coincidence that five minutes after being chased out of Afghanistan, the flagrantly un-embarrassable AUKUS partners advertised themselves as ready for China. This was the political equivalent of going to work drunk straight from a bachelor party – but what mattered more than imaginary submarines was the misdirection. Forget a 20-year lost war; remember their resolve. Biden couldn’t remember Scott Morrison’s name at the launch.

About Ukraine the same liars know these things are true: the war was incited by the United States under the phlegmatic but tactically useful auspices of NATO; Ukraine is a ‘democracy’ whose vice-roys – run by the US State Department – are a mix of earnest patriots, television industry dullards and brown shirts. The non-deluded giggled at the Ghost of Kiev, snickered at Snake Island, shook their heads at the Chernobyl scare – by then, the way one does when a joke is getting old – but they bristled with anger at the Babi Yar whopper. There was no attempt to level the Holocaust memorial (not that many of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chums would be sad to see it gone), no attempt to reignite Chernobyl, no Russian chemical weapons and no airstrikes on a functioning maternity hospital in Mariupol. The latter ‘war crime’ – which has been suspiciously retired as an outrage – involved the shelling of an empty building. Russia claimed the hospital was by then being used by the Azov Battalion. That story matches the reality on the ground: “colossal” damage but only four deaths. Boris Johnson described this as “depraved” – which is quite an indictment coming from a nation that incinerated the women and children of Dresden.

A week later – in the same Nazi Xanadu of Mariupol – an alleged airstrike on the Donetsk Regional Drama Theatre was also called a ‘war crime.’ Hundreds were buried or still alive under the rubble, the world’s media screeched. Nobody told Mariupol City Council, however, which put the death toll at zero before being enlightened by the President. Strangely, no independent verification team was brought in to investigate this purported atrocity. Predictably – but not risibly – Moscow described the incident as aptly staged propaganda overseen by the city’s favourite sons. That the Azov, Aidar, Donbas and Dnipro-1 battalions are capable of murdering on a massive scale to make a political point during a war isn’t doubted by any serious person.

No, a ‘Ukrainian official’ saying something doesn’t automatically make it so. At a press briefing in February, Mr Zelensky said of Snake Island that “All border guards died heroically, but did not give up.” The 13 soldiers became the first recipients of a posthumously awarded Hero of Ukraine medal while still living. Only Roman Hrybov – the man who told a Russian warship to “go fuck yourself” – received the honour. Hrybov had been released by the Russians. That was nice of them. Russian POWs were, after all, being shot – when they weren’t being unlawfully forced in front of cameras to denounce the Z cause for pressmen suddenly blasé about criminality. What to do when Mariupol’s mayor says 5000 civilians in the port city alone have been killed but the UN Human Rights Office estimates 1,335 for the entire country? What Ukrainian ‘officials’ do is account for the deficit by reintroducing into the news cycle Russia’s mythical mobile crematoriums – a solution so ridiculous that even Narrative-friendly Snopes won’t touch it.

And so to Bucha. No, there was no ‘genocide’ and there is no evidence of ‘war crimes.’ That doesn’t mean war crimes weren’t committed. There is evidence of death caused by artillery strikes and/or street battle. Given that Mr Zelensky has stupidly forced civilians to take up arms, nobody will ever know how many of the victims were combatants. On Tuesday, the ABC breathlessly reported that a “mass grave was discovered in a churchyard” in Bucha. The angle was that the Russians had been caught out with satellite imagery. A “visibly lighter patch of earth appeared to show an excavation site in the south-west corner of the churchyard,” the report faux-revealed. Except the grave at the church was not a secret. While researching this piece, I found a BBC report dated 14 March saying it was dug by local officials. Doctors from Irpin Hospital buried the bodies. No satellites necessary. On Monday, Russia requested a special session of the Security Council to deal with charges of war crimes in Bucha – an odd thing for a guilty party to do. Britain, president of the Council for April, refused – an odd thing for an accusing party to do. The two questions I ask myself after all these weeks of war: first, do I believe Russia over Ukraine? Sometimes, yes. Second: do I believe Western politicians, journalists and ‘intelligence’ agencies over Russia? No.

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  1. rosie says:

    Me too

  2. Mak Siccar says:

    Excellent summary C.L., particularly the last sentence. There are many despicable politicians who are using this confrontation as an opportunity to virtue signal and ‘take the moral high ground’ by siding with the victim’s claims without, it would seem, waiting for verification of said claims. Somewhat similar to the approach they adopted during the so-called pandemic that is now rapidly dropping off the radar. I am thoroughly sick and tired of being lied to and watching my family and friends falling for these lies hook, line and sinker.

  3. cuckoo says:

    Nobody told Mariupol City Council, however, which put the death toll at zero before being enlightened by the President.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure there was once a christian orphanage somewhere nearby, so finding a mass grave of infants is only a matter of time.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Superb C.L. Depressingly superb. As for your last two questions, I agree with your answers 100%.

    As for the Oz MSM, which just parrots whatever the US MSM are saying, I now have zero respect for the lot of them and that includes Sky News Australia. It seems, as with the Covid reporting, nobody at Sky Oz is allowed to step outside the permitted propaganda because if you do dare to you’ll be booted, which is what happened to Alan Jones because he dared to question the merits of lockdowns and masks.

    Speaking of masks, there’s one person who should be forced to wear a permanent mask and that is Greg Sheridan. If he can’t be compelled to wear a mask to mute his idiotic and infant ramblings then he should be forced to wear a bib…because all he does when he speaks is dribble….and his dribbling is getting worse.

    This is the same dribbler who, only a few weeks ago, declared the Sniffer in Chief to be a “good man”.

  5. Petros says:

    Does Bruce of Newcastle think that the Russians have taken Mariupol yet?

  6. jupes says:

    Excellent C.L. Thank you.

  7. Baba says:

    They haven’t given up, though. Now the Ukes, the ‘international community’ (sic) and the media are running with ‘the Russians rocketed Kramatorsk railway station to kill civilians’ lie.

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  9. C.L. says:

    I’m not sure about Kramatorsk at this stage.
    Open minded for now.

    What we can say is that any and all Ukrainian atrocities will never be acknowledged as such by the ‘international community.’

    That in itself is extremely dangerous.

  10. Lee says:

    The MSM has failed the character and ethics test on nearly every big issue since about the time that Trump ran for office in 2016.
    Even so, the MSM lies and misrepresentations (propaganda is a better word for it) about what is really happening in Ukraine are truly shocking, and will only aid those who really committed atrocities and possibly escalate the war.

  11. Passerby says:

    On my first visit. Wn’t be back, but thought I’d note that this rant contains very many assertions of fact that simply can’t be verified. It seems very much like an old-fashioned anti-US rant from the 1960s, pushing an old pro-Moscow meme. Surprising and disgusting.

  12. Baba says:

    Apparently the serial number of a Tochka-U rocket which hit Kramatorsk railway station has a serial number which matches the pattern of Uke Tochka-U’s.

  13. C.L. says:

    Passerby, you’re welcome to select and repudiate any argument, proposition or inference made in the post.

    As I’ve said in these and other forums many times, Putin should not have invaded Ukraine; he should have finessed the crimes and ethnic cleansing being perpetrated on Russian expatriates into a case made in international forums for the resolution of such crises. He has no such finesse.

    The United States deliberately spat in Russia’s face over its grievances and did everything it could to provoke a response. The serious men of the Reagan era – the ones who dismantled the old Soviet Union – would agree with me on that.

    The US you refer to – of the 1960s – no longer exists.

    You’re also welcome to comment here. You will discern over the course of time where my loyalties lay. I will have more to say on the extent and nature of Russian intransigence and malice in due course. Having said that, if you seriously believe the Ukrainians are the uncomplicated goodies – who didn’t, for example, attempt to exterminate Russian expatriates for several years – then there probably isn’t much scope for a meeting of minds between us.

  14. C.L. says:

    Baba, the feeling I get re Kramatorsk is that it was a badly executed Russian fire mission on what was thought to be a munitions transpo target.

  15. Jannie says:

    I am also just passing by, but I don’t see any ranting, just an attempt to discern the truth. I think I might hang around a bit. Passerby will no doubt also be back and surprised and disgusted under some other moniker.

  16. Lee says:

    I don’t see any “ranting” either, just a dispassionate analysis of what is going on in Ukraine, backed up with links.
    Unlike large sections of the MSM and Twitter.

  17. Tel says:

    The serious men of the Reagan era – the ones who dismantled the old Soviet Union – would agree with me on that.

    They said as much back in 1997 in a well publicised letter to Bill Clinton. They called out NATO expansion as “a policy error of historic proportions”.

    Signed by people such as Robert McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense under JFK and LBJ … he’s no lightweight.

    Herbert Stuart Okun served as United States Representative to the United Nations under President Reagan (cabinet level position) … could speak seven languages, and had worked his way through a long list of diplomatic postings, right across Europe.

    John Steinbruner (at the Brookings Institution) was an influential figure during those negotiations during the 1980’s, when Mikhail Gorbachev was running the USSR … he was one of the people who made ending the Cold War possible.

    Arthur Adair Hartman was Ambassador to the Soviet Union during those critical Reagan years 1981 to 1987 … passing the torch over to Jack F. Matlock Jr. who had previously been appointed by Reagan at the National Security Council to develop a negotiating strategy to end the arms race.

    Also signed by John Paul Holdren who worked as Obama’s science guy but had a long career in nuclear physics, as well as Malthusian hand wringing, depopulation and climate nuttiness … but well respected amongst the Left.

    Also Owen Harries, an Australian who served as an advisor to Malcolm Fraser as well as ambassador to UNESCO, and later was involved in Quadrant magazine and founding editor of “The National Interest”. Fairly solid conservative, perhaps a bit “Neocon” for my tastes.

  18. C.L. says:

    All of the men of that calibre are now gone. There are none on the Democrat side and very few on the Republican side. The Reagan/Bush Sr cabinets were very solid people. They wanted to win the Cold War but they didn’t want to grind Russia’s face into a dog turd for decades to come.


    Good to see you, Jannie!

  19. pbw says:

    There’s a photo of a row of burnt-out cars in front of Kramatorsk station. There’s a photo of the tail end of missile that fell to earth near the station. There’s a photo of a number of bodies lying about. There’s a photo of a woman consulting her phone while standing in front of a body and a row of seats.

    The Ukranians claim that the missile was a (hypersonic) Iskander. Warhead, around 680kg. They say that because they don’t have any Iskanders. The photo is not of the tail of an Iskander. The DPR says the missile is a Tochka-U, which both Russia and Ukraine use. It has a 492kg warhead.

    It’s fascinating that the Ukrainians don’t even expect the Western media to check the photo against photos of the missiles in question.

    If it’s a choice between those two, then Tochka-U is a lay-down misère.

    But back to those photos. There’s no photo of the impact crater. But, those cars were incinerated, weren’t they? It must have hit there, right. 492kg of HE blasting the cars, but not damaging the facade of the station in front of which the cars were parked. Not even breaking the glass.

    Stock standard Ukrainian propaganda horseshit.

    I’ll take a wild guess. The usual suspects murdered some Russian speakers who wanted to get to either the DPR or Russia. Maybe they were trying to go there by train. Maybe the bodies were already in the station. So, incinerate some cars, cart in the backside of a Tochka and dump it in front of the station. Announce to a breathless Western media yet another Russian crime against humanity.

    Meanwhile, , in a Greta Thunberg moment, the heroic and freedom-loving Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the leader of an EU nation

    called into question Kyiv’s version of events surrounding the Bucha killings, asking for proof that the atrocities were not staged.

    How dare you?!!!

    London to a brick it’s Victor. What a guy!

  20. Louis Litt says:

    Passerby- what I cannot understand is people like you. I assume you are the “new generation “ open to democracy, kill police, demonstrate over anything for the sake of a demo, no nuclear, peace man, only work to be done is to be a muso, legalalise bad drugs man, I want the dole, I hate the old man and dear, Russia and communism is the hero.
    How you can turn 180 degrees is astonishing , you hate Putin because he is a useful male. He not afraid of adventure.
    Compared to Blair, Clinton he is serious and a protector of his people.
    The others , adolescents who are stuck at being 19 obsessed with sex and money without doing skilled labour.
    You are delusional.

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