Good morning. Take care out there.

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  1. Chris M says:

    Type of cosplay, like furries. Taffy might have a strange pastime but she looks nice. Hope the sharks don’t think so too.

    The world is so messed up that non Christian people see little future hope and go off into some fantasy world when they can, this is just one version of it really.

  2. Roger W says:

    Hope she’s changed her birth certificate – but wait, would the M for mermaid be confused with the M for male?
    And would she have to cancel her driving licence, what with all the trouble working the pedals?

  3. C.L. says:

    Here’s what shocked me:

    Royal Life Saving Queensland’s Beverley Newton said children should only use monofins or tails if they were actively supervised by adults, in controlled environments like swimming pools, as well as being confident, strong swimmers.

    “The main risk is that they band or tie the legs together, so with that is the lack of ability for a child especially to become upright and get the balance and support themselves to get up to the surface of the water,” Ms Newton said.

    “They need to be able to manoeuvre their body into an upright position and be able to float on their front or their back and independently release their feet from the fin if they need to.

    “We’re not saying restrict it altogether, but we are saying be very vigilant if you decide to let your children use one of these tails.”

    Royal Life Saving Western Australia researched the swim-ability in children aged two to 12 with mermaid fins and tails.

    It found swim-ability dropped by 70 per cent with a fin and 60 per cent with a mermaid tail.

    With all the things prohibited nowadays, you’d think surf lifesaving officials would be pushing for a ban on – essentially – binding the legs of children while they’re swimming.

  4. Lee says:

    Taffy Brown has a hobby a little more unique than most.

    “More unique”?!
    Something cannot be more (or less) unique.
    It is either unique, or it is not.

  5. Entropy says:

    My daughters we’re quite into H2O a few years ago. The show apparently was quite revenue earner for channel ten. Shot on the gold coast. Has Phoebe Tonkin in it, long before she learned to act.

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