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4 Responses to Mariupollywood

  1. Franx says:

    Tried to see what might be happening on a negotiations front yet reports meant to be about diplomacy focussed on rumours of Russian chemical weapons. All in keeping with the report in The Australian where former unconfirmed reports about chemical weapons slide into assertions that the ‘prior’ use of chemical weapons means that there is the ‘possibility of their future employment’. Perhaps the underlying problem is that the Russians have not yet bothered to use chemical weapons – not even at negotiation meetings. The Russians just might need goading.

  2. Petros says:

    False chemical-weapons flag in three, two, one…

  3. jupes says:

    The UK’s Ministry of Defence has warned Russian forces could use phosphorus munitions in the besieged port city of Mariupol, warning it had already used chemical weapons in the Donetsk region.

    Phosphorus is used in artillery rounds to mark targets or as a smoke screen. Last I heard, the Australian Army still uses it. It is an incendiary round, so is now banned by international treaties for use in civilian areas.

    There is a vast difference between phosphorus and sarin gas. Charges of ‘chemical warfare’ for the use of phosphorus rounds are disingenuous. No surprise that Tubbsie Payne would engage in it.

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